Student Testimonials

  • Things are different on the big campus, but I feel extremely well prepared coming from Capilano - more so than many of the UBC first years.  The first year program you guys have is incredible! I had a great experience at Cap, and the APSC 140 robot course taught me a lot that no other students here at UBC got to experience.

    Sean Hayes
    2nd year student, Engineering Physics, University of British Columbia 

    After Graduating high school, knowing that I was not accepted to the engineering program at UBC, I applied for the one-year Engineering program at Capilano College and I was accepted.  A year later I had successfully completed first year of engineering and I had transferred to second year Mechanical Engineering at UBC, "not missing a step."  Capilano College provided me a thorough and well-rounded education, which prepared me for UBC's Engineering program.  The class sizes at Capilano College along with the superb staff from the Applied Science department provide a comfortable learning environment to all Engineering students.  Personally, if I could finish my entire Mechanical Engineering degree at Capilano College, there is no question on my mind that I would do it.

    Nemer Aboughoury,
    3rd year student, Mechanical Engineering, University of British Columbia 

    The experience I had with the Cap College engineering program was nothing but a positive one.  The small intimate classes enhanced the learning experience and provided me with a strong base knowledge that has helped me through my 2nd and 3rd year of EMEC at UBC.  I cannot stress enough the quality of education I received at Cap; enthusiastic professors are actually interested in teaching!!  One of the biggest differences that I see between Cap and its alternatives is the level of teamwork and camaraderie because of the small number of people in the program.  These circumstances resulted in friendships that have continued long after transferring.  I would say joining the Capilano College Engineering program was the best decision I have made to date in my post secondary studies.

    Brian Dowling
    4th year student, Electro-Mechanical Engineering, University of British Columbia