Frequently Asked Questions

  • What courses and grades do I need to be considered for the engineering programs?

    The minimum grades for specific courses may change from year to year.  The following pre-requisites are generally required for entry into the programs:

    For the First-Year Engineering program: A in Math 12, and B in both Chemistry 12 and Physics 12

    For the Engineering Transition program: B in Math 12 (or MPT), and completion of Chemistry 11 (Physics 11 is recommended but not required).

    You also need to meet the minimum university admission criteria, which includes the English language requirement.

    What is the difference between the First-Year Engineering program and the Engineering Transition program?

    The First-Year Engineering program is intended for recent high school graduates who meet the prerequisite requirements for first year engineering, which includes Math 12, Chemistry 12, English 12, and Physics 12. It is one academic year (two terms) in length, and mimics the common first year of engineering at UBC. 

    The Engineering Transition Program provides mature students a pathway to obtain an applied science degree, en route to becoming professional engineers.  The program also caters to recent high school graduates who lack the pre-requisites for entry into a traditional engineering program.  Successful completion of the Engineering Transition Program ensures students who transfer to an Engineering program at another institution (such as SFU or UBC) generally require only three additional years of study.  The Transition program is a 2-year program that starts with preparatory courses, and includes all the courses of the First-Year program, as well as some second year courses.  Each term's course load is generally lighter than that of the First-Year program, and the course load after transfer is also lighter since you will have completed one or more of the 2nd year courses already.

    Both programs have a transfer guarantee with UBC if completed in the specified time frame (one academic year for First-Year and two years for Transition), with the specified minimum GPA.