Guide for EAP Students

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    Advising Centre

    Advisors will answer questions about students' programs of study and course selections, and will help to develop an educational plan. Please contact the Advising Centre by e-mail, by telephone at 604.984.4990, or on campus in the Birch building, room 238. (


    Counselling Department

    Counsellors provide educational, career, and personal counselling as well as workshops and outreach programs. Please contact the Counselling department by telephone at 604.984.1744 or on campus in the Birch building, room 267.


    Health Services

    General medical services are available to students at no extra charge on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the fall and spring terms. For more information, visit the Health Services page.



    The library features a book collection of over 100,000 volumes, plus periodicals and newspaper collections, videos, CD-ROMs, and online databases. Video, cassette, and CD players are also available for use at the library.


    Computer Learning Centre

    The Computer Learning Centre is located on the main floor of the library and IT assistance is available near the entrance to the Centre during scheduled hours.


    EAP Computer-Assisted Language Learning Lab

    The EAP Department has a state-of-the-art  Computer-Assisted Language Learning lab with 28 computers. It is used for many EAP classes and is open to EAP students for drop-in use during the lunch hour.


    Writing Centre

    The Writing Centre in the Fir building, room 402, gives students advice on written assignments or help with writing problems. The centre is not a proofreading service but aims to help students to develop their writing abilities. It is a quiet space with a collection of reference books and computers. It is staffed by faculty from the English, ESL, and Adult Basic Education departments.


    Financial Aid

    Various awards which recognize achievement and/or financial need are available through general and individual application forms. For a detailed listing of these awards, information about the Canada Student Loans Program, or to see if you qualify for educational funding through the University's Career Access Centre if you are recieving social assistance, contact Financial Aid and Awards by email or phone at 604-984-4900.


    EAP Department Awards

    The Financial Aid and Awards Office offers six (6) awards which are specifically designated for EAP students. These awards help EAP students defray the expenses associated with going to school. The awards are:

    • The Janet Holland Memorial Fund
    • The Joan Acosta/West Coast Reader Award
    • The Jim Cooke Award
    • The Nicholas J. Collins Award
    • The Francis and Anne Farnan Memorial Award
    • The Sabrina Rentz Memorial Award

    Recipients of the awards are selected in one of two ways:

    • EAP students are nominated by by classmates and instructors.
    • EAP students apply for an award.

    In most cases, the awards process begins in the Fall term, and finalists are selected in the Spring term.

    The EAP Department is very proud of these awards, and we thank our generous donors for making them possible.

    To find out more about EAP Awards, contact Financial Aid and Awards by email or phone at 604-984-4900.

    Centre for International Experience Awards and Scholarships

    Please note that in addition to the EAP awards, international students may be eligible to apply for the Centre for International Experience (CIE) Academic Scholarships and the CIE Merit Awards. Contact the  CIE for further information at .


    Child Care

    Capilano University offers child care for infants and children up to five years old. Some part-time spaces are available. Priority is given to Capilano University students. Applications for child care are available at the Child Care Centre or by calling 604.984.4950.



    The Sportsplex offers intramural programs, athletics, courses in sports and recreation, and general activity drop-in programs. Team sports for men and women include basketball, volleyball, badminton, and soccer.



    Capilano University does not have student residences. However, host families or rental accommodation can be found within easy travelling distance. It is advisable to arrive early to arrange suitable accommodation.

    There are four main options:  



    Located on campus, in the southwest corner of the Birch building, the bookstore offers textbooks, stationery, clothing, etc.

    For information regarding used books, please visit the Capilano Students' Union office in the Maple building, room 116. For used book sale dates, go to the  Student Union web site.


    Food and Beverage Service

    There are many food and beverage services provided campus-wide, including the Food Court on the main floor of the Birch building. It is open from Monday to Thursday 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., Fridays 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Saturdays 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.