Community Engagement

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    Community Engagement is an important component of all courses in the EAP department, from EAP 050 to EAP 100/101. Its purpose is to help students improve their listening and speaking skills by participating in activities outside of the classroom.


    Community Engagement inset1Community engagement is structured as follows:

    • students receive a grade for their participation
    • students are expected to commit 12 – 18 hours each semester
    • EAP 050 – 070 students attend workshops and lectures on campus
    • EAP 080 – EAP 100/101 attend workshops and lectures both on and off campus or do volunteer work

    Past workshops and volunteer placements

    A typical workshop might be one of the Student Success Workshops offered by the university’s Counselling and Learning Support Centre:

    • Money Management
    • Career Choice: find a job that you love
    • Exam Prep & Memory Strategy

    Community Engagement inset2At the Advanced levels (EAP 080 – EAP 100/101), students are expected to take a more active role in community engagement. Often, this involves volunteer placements in organizations such as:

    • Cap U’s Sportsplex
    • Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Big Bike fundraiser event
    • Vancouver Autism Place
    • Roger’s Santa Claus Parade
    • Collingwood Neighbourhood House Breakfast Program

    Why do Community Engagement?

    Community Engagement inset3Community engagement encourages students to be active members both in the Capilano University community and in society. Whether students are international or local, community engagement helps them learn about Canada, help people and society, establish networks, make new friends, and develop as individuals.

    Benefits of doing Community Engagement

    • improve listening/speaking skills and self-confidence:  
      “This volunteer job was very useful in improving my listening skills, specifically how to follow instructions and work with the other volunteers.” (Keiko)

    • change their outlook about volunteer work:  
      “Community engagement is one of the significant events in my life. I didn’t have any experience of doing volunteer in my own country, and after I have done some volunteer jobs, it influences my opinion about volunteer work.” (Mike)

    • a wonderful social and cultural experience:  
      “I enjoyed because of other classmates. It was a great chance to get to know each other. I felt like I was really engaging in the community.” (Christie)

    • apply their learning to their future goals:  
      “Overall, this community engagements were great to support children to make an incredible difference in their life by doing small, different things. I got to learn many different things that can be useful in my life and in my future.”(Nada)

    • as individuals, students grew through their volunteer experiences:  
      “... with my work serving breakfast to the homeless, I have learned how lucky I am to always have food on the table. I have also appreciated how thankful people are for what they have and the difference a breakfast can make.” (Afshin)