Student Stories

  • "I had been away from academics for a long time…From the beginning it was clear that all the instructors are genuinely there to help you succeed…I highly recommend a semester with CUP to anyone thinking of returning to school to upgrade..."
    Antonietta G.

    "We're very thankful for the extra hours you guys have put in to help us with our assignments, exams, life skills, and most importantly advice on life… I know the others have been influenced to pursue their passions as well with your support. This would not be possible though without a program such as this. The positive attitude of the teachers and their willingness to push us towards our goals has been much appreciated."
    Keith N.

    "I have to admit, it is scary to return to school at this age, but the atmosphere at Capilano made the experience less daunting. After attending Capilano University I have learned things that I never thought were possible… it has reassured me that all the late nights, early mornings, missed family outings and test anxiety have been worth it. If anyone asked if I would do it again, knowing what I know now, the answer would be 'Absolutely!'."
    Theresa L.