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    This page is full of information and support tools to assist you with your application to Capilano. You can also contact the Registrar's Office for specific questions at or call 604.984.4900.

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    Is there anything in this world handier than a step-by-step breakdown of the admission process? See: Future Students.
    Capilano offers a wide variety of programs. It is important to check individual program web sites for information that may be specific to those programs.

    Capilano University Calendar

    The Capilano University Calendar is the official publication of regulations, policies, programs, requirements and course descriptions produced annually by Capilano University. It is an indispensable resource and we urge you to refer to it as you make your way through the application process and your time as a Capilano student.

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    If, after checking out the online resources you still have questions regarding the Application for Admission/Readmission process and how you can become a Capilano Blue, please forward your questions to Admissions. Questions regarding registration and records can be forwarded to Registration.

  • Application Notes

    To become a student in the College & University Preparation (CUP) program, complete the following three steps:

    Step 1.   Apply to Capilano University
    Click on the link for the online application form. You should submit your application form as soon as you can, and pay the application fee (your form isn't processed if the fee is not paid).  Within a few days of applying to Capilano, an application acknowledgement letter will be sent to the address you entered on your application. The acknowledgement letter contains a student number a n how to log in to your studetn email and account (required for step 2).  Even though you have applied to the university, you must still be accepted by the department before you can register for classes.

    Step 2.   Arrange an Assessment and Interview.  
    Contact Ingrid Williams to choose a date for an Assessment and Interview Session.  You can either phone Ingrid at (604) 983-7578 anor email her at

    The assessment is approximately 45 minutes long, and consists of a short English and Math test.  The test doesn't count for marks, and is only used as a way of placing you in the correct level for your classes.  Allow up to another 45 minutes to ask questions during the interview with one of the instructors (so allow 1.5 hours in total). 

    As the CUP program is full-time and comprises four courses in preparation for university studies, potential students are expected to contact the department directly to make arrangements for their interview and assessment.  Students that require an advocate to make program inquiries on their behalf are encouraged to apply to the ABE department and take a smaller course load for their first semester to prepare for entry into the CUP program.

    Step 3.   Register for Classes
    Your registration date will be arranged during your Assessment and Interview Session, and usually is on a different date.

    Remember, all three steps must be completed before you are registered for classes in the CUP program.

    If you have any questions about the CUP program please contact one of the instructors by phone or email.