• Lorraine ArgatoffLorraine Argatoff
    BA (Toronto), MA (Toronto), PID (BC)
    Coordinator/Instructor - College & University Preparation

    Lorraine dabbled in dog training, economics, oboe playing, languages, and philosophy…and then one day, while helping an 11 year old boy learn to read, ... [more]

    Don BentleyDon Bentley
    B.Tech. (Hons.), Computer Systems (BCIT)
    Instructor - College & University Preparation

    Before Don started teaching at Capilano University, he worked as a computer programmer developing technology for use by people with physical disabilit ... [more]

    Reg JohansonReg Johanson
    BA, MA (SFU)
    Coordinator/Instructor - English

    Reg Johanson is the co-author, with Roger Farr and Aaron Vidaver, of N 49 19. 47 – W 123 8. 11(PILLS 2008). Courage, My Love (Line Books, 2006), bring ... [more]

    Sylvie TrudelSylvie Trudel
    B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Ed. (U. of Ottawa)
    Instructor, Mathematics - College & University Preparation

    While working on her degrees at university, Sylvie also worked as a parliamentary guide, a ski instructor, a teaching assistant (for huge mathematics  ... [more]