Becoming a Student

  • To become a student in ABE or CUP, complete these four steps in order:

    1. Apply to Capilano University
      If you are not currently a student at CapilanoU, see the "How to Apply" menu choice to the left, and as you are filling out the application, choose "Preparatory", then choose either ABE or CUP as your first and/or second choice of program.  Remember to pay your application fee, as applications to the university are not processed until the application fee is paid.  If you are already a student at CapilanoU, you can skip directly to step 2.  Note, applying for admission does not guarantee acceptance in the program.  All students must attend an Information and Assessment session before they can register for classes. 

    2. Attend an Information and Assessment Session
      After you applied and received a student number, then look at the "Information and Assessment" menu choice to the left, select convenient dates, and then contact Shannon with your first and second choice of dates.  Students cannot register for ABE/CUP classes until they have attended an Information and Assessment session.

    3. Register for Classes 
      Registration is in person, often the same day as the Information & Assessment session you attend.  If you are taking other classes at CapilanoU, remember to bring that schedule so that you can fit your ABE/CUP classes into that schedule.

    4. Pay your Fees 
      If you forget to pay your fees on time, you may be assessed a late fee or de-registered from your classes.  If you are de-registered, you will need to re-register for ABE classes, and you will only be able to do this if there is still space available.  In order to avoid late fees or de-registration, we suggest you pay any fees the same day that you register.

    As Capilano is a university and its students are adults, a potential student is expected to be the primary point-of-contact for ABE/CUP program inquiries & assessment, as the student will be the primary point-of-contact with faculty when then student attends university classes.