• "Transfer to another University was easier than I had expected."

    "I feel the computing science courses at Capilano prepared me well for third yearuniversity and I often found myself with an advantage over students that spent their entire education at university."

    "I would definitely recommend taking courses in the Department of Computing Science at Capilano University because students who do will gain a solid understanding and great contacts for computing science."

    "I liked my learning experience in Computing Science courses at Capilano University primarily because all my instructors delivered their lessons clearly and with great enthusiasm. Smaller classes meant that we can receive much valuable one on one instruction."

    "The professors are always available for answering questions and helping with difficulties."

    "The programming practices and design principles taught in Computing Science have definitely helped [in the software development that I have done]. Picking up a new programming language was made easier because of the understanding that the concepts don't change, just the method of implementing them."

    "I have done some work in the IT industry and I often found myself using skills that I obtained from Computing at Capilano University."

    "As I am already drawn to computers as a hobby, Computing Science is a natural extension of my passion. The Computing Science instructors at Capilano University demonstrate that same passion when instructing their students. This makes learning Computing Science at Cap University very enjoyable."

    "The teachers are highly educated professionals who are also ready to help students."