Student Testimonials

  • Daniel Zayonc  Daniel Zayonc

    There were many reasons for which I came to Cap but from what I remember none were about academics...  I was going to Cap in order to play on the university's basketball team, it was the most economical option and also it was the closest option to home. I had heard from so many people that I should have gone to UBC because of their superior academics, opportunities and student life.  What I can say to them is that I am ecstatic about my decision to have spent my first two years at Capilano University.

    My first two years at Capilano have been unreal.  The amount that I have learned thanks to small class sizes, teaching based professors and helpful classmates far exceeded my expectations.  While many of my peers struggled in lecture halls, I was thriving in Capilano's small classes.  When I was sure that the exams must be more difficult at the other universities (these were the same peers who had gotten better grades in high school) I compared a midterm of mine to theirs and they were completely lost!  It appeared that not only was I getting better grades but I was learning more too. 

    As far as what Capilano Biology has given me, I have a lot to say.  To be honest I feel as though it has transformed me or rekindled my love for bugs, beasts and forests that I had before high school.  The first year, I was pushed and motivated to learn basic biology concepts very thoroughly.  I began to begin to understand the natural environment that I was in and you will often be able to spot me wandering the forest now because of that.  In second year, it became even more apparent that I wanted to get my degree in Biology in order to attempt to comprehend the beauty of the Okanagan, the North Shore Mountains and the entire natural world around us.  The field trips in my second year ecology and zoology trips had moments that I will never forget and brilliant speakers that will motivate you in whatever direction you choose in life.  Not to mention the professors, lab instructors and technicians are pretty sweet as well. 

    I will tell you that if you want to party and go nuts your first year you should go away for school.  After all, I did the majority of my partying at UBC when I had weekends off from basketball.  However, if you are someone that wants to learn and ease yourself into the university environment, there is no better school than Cap.  Overall you will save money, gas money, get a quality education, meet some cool people, have some life changing experiences all while figuring out what you want to do with your life. 

    Azy Behnam  Azy Behnam

    After ten years of being immersed in the workforce, predominantly as a Wildlife Educator, I knew it was time to return to school in order to pursue of my goal of becoming a veterinarian. Even though this was a very difficult decision, as a mature student, I always knew that I would restart this venture at Capilano University. Known for its effective small class sizes, attentive and personable instructors and of course its beautiful campus, Capilano U also exudes cultural and age diversity. This combination tremendously eased my anxiety and transition back to school. The many bursaries available for students at Cap U have also enabled me to fund this schooling on an ongoing basis.  

    As a biology major and former wildlife educator, the exceptional teaching skills of the instructors as well as their dedication to each of their students, was not only impressive, but effective, as it has enabled me to flourish and excel towards to my goals. Cap U’s biology department has some of the most approachable and passionate instructors I have ever met. Relating everyday experiences to their every lecture, making them not only memorable but applicable for future field work. 

    Capilano U provided a very motivating and inspirational learning environment for all.  I have never enjoyed learning this much! Thank you Cap U! 

     Cam Hodgins Cameron Hodgins (Major: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry) 

    I chose Capilano University as a means of discovering what I most wanted to study. When I took my first Chemistry and Biology classes, the excitement and enthusiasm of my professors inspired me to pursue these two fields as my major. My passion for science has been molded and sculpted thanks to the inspiring lectures, engaging labs, and the many wonderful relationships I have developed between my fellow students and my professors. As I transfer into my third year, I know I am thoroughly prepared for the remainder of my education, and I am grateful to have chosen Capilano University as the foundation for my adventures in science.    

       Orla Orla Tobin

    I can’t say enough good things about my experience at Capilano University.  Having attended a larger university prior to Capilano, I know firsthand that Capilano has a huge small school advantage. The smaller classes mean more one-on-one attention from some of the best teachers I have ever had.  Also, since the science program at Capilano is small, you get to know most of the students in your classes. This creates a very supportive environment, where you can freely go to places like the Bio Resource Room and seek out help from fellow students.  Thanks to Capilano, I got through many challenging first and second year science courses and developed not only strong academic skills, but also lasting relationships with both classmates and teachers.  I am now at UNBC in Prince George pursuing my degree in Environmental Science, and very excited to be studying something that I love and am passionate about. 

    Sherwin Cactian Sherwin Cacatian

    Thank you Marja and Janet for the inspiration, I learned so much that I began to notice bird and plant species around the Campus.  The class and field trips were fun, engaging, informative, and most of all memorable as it provided me with the opportunity to form a lasting and positive impression about biology – at last biology is fun again.  Moreover, one of the field trips allowed me to have contacts with biologists in the field, which then resulted in a part-time summer job at Reifel Bird Sanctuary.  It was a privilege to have known the Capilano biology faculties – as they are passionate, dedicated, and friendly.  Experience biology at Cap and experience the ‘M phenomenon.’  Thank you for being a positive influence during and after finishing the Vertebrate and Invertebrate courses.

    Jenny Thomson  Jenny Thomson

    I was fortunate enough to attend Capilano University in 2009 and 2010 as a mature Arts and Science student, with the long-term goal of becoming a Biologist.  The small class sizes at Cap allowed me to build lasting friendships with peers in addition to getting to know the very approachable teachers.  The lab components of the biology and chemistry courses were very well laid-out and hands-on.  I learned many practical skills which I have since used in my summer field and lab positions, and I have found that the knowledge gained from the labs at Cap has given me an advantage at my current University.  I would definitely recommend Capilano University to any student who is looking to meet some amazing people and really discover their passion for learning; if I could have done my entire science degree there, I would have!  

    Majid Talebian  Majid Talebian

    Are you unsure about which university to attend in your freshman year?  Have you been thinking about attending Capilano University?  What about UBC?  Isn’t it more “prestigious”?  These questions were some of the ones that plagued my mind as I was about to graduate from Grade 12.  Eventually, the deciding factors came down to these three questions: 1. Am I classroom oriented?  2. Do I love being inspired by specific teaching styles? and 3. Can I get the proper support/help when needed from my instructors to maximize my success as a student?  From answering these questions, a gut-feeling told me that Capilano University would be my calling.  Capilano University not only proved to me that it was a strong TEACHING institution but it made that tough transitional leap from high school to post-secondary life a lot easier to cope with.  From my great connections with instructors to the school’s nurturing environment, I am now confident, excited, and ready to pursue my dreams.  Thank you Capilano. 

    Haley Pearse  Haley Pearse

    Much of Capilano’s appeal to me is the dignity of its teachers.  I returned for four semesters of science – the puzzle persists: why are all the teachers so good?  Even to wonder whether I have some bias obscure to me.  I strain to think of any who doesn’t act so as to above all benefit the students.  Each has their own uniquely ingenious style and deftness of teaching.

    Allowing some artificial, stylistic harshness, Cap’s teachers have in common a generosity that demands explanation.  So I realized they all tap two great sources of sustenance available to them:  the social assemblage, including themselves and the students, and the subject matter.  To me this also makes it easy to understand their success.  Genuine passion for the subject matter combined with familiarity with the students is bound to convene the two.  At Capilano I’ve admired the art of teaching science, so that I hope to one day try it.  I’m glad of this opportunity to express my gratitude, though it isn’t enough.