Student Learning Outcomes

    • Students completing one or more terms in the ABE program are prepared to pursue further studies in post-secondary programs.
    • Students who complete the exit level in English (BENG 054) have up-to-date information gathering, research, and communication skills.  In addition, improved creative, critical and analytical thinking skills.  
    • Students who complete the exit level in mathematics (BMTH 044 or BMTH 048) have quantitative reasoning ability and critical and analytical thinking skills.
    • Students who complete a preparatory computer studies course (BCMP) are better prepared for success in further post-secondary courses where the use of computers is required.  Students will be able to utilize computers for information gathering and critical analysis of information on the Internet. BCMP 041 focuses on the preparation of documents, spreadsheets and presentations, with BCMP 051 focusing on the preparation of web pages.  Students will effectively use Capilano’s LMS (learning management system), and demonstrate an awareness of their digital identities on the web, as well as privacy and security issues related to the use of computers.
    • Students who complete an exit level course in physical sciences (e.g. BCHM 054 and/or BPHY 054 and/or BBIO 054) have demonstrated quantitative reasoning ability and analytical thinking skills in the respective subject areas.
    • Students who complete an exit level course in social sciences (e.g. BSOC 041, BHST 052) have demonstrated community/global consciousness and responsibility.