Information & Assessment

  • Assessment

    All students (regardless of the subjects they will be enrolling in) complete an English and math assessment.  These assessments do not count for marks, and will not appear on a student's transcript - the purpose of the assessment is to determine the appropriate starting level in various subjects that will maximize the student's success in the courses they take.  

    For the English assessment, it will be a 1/2 page writing sample, with the writing topics provided.  

    For the math assessment, it will be similar to the following  Practice Math Assessment.   You may wish to do the practice assessment before the actual assessment session, the higher you score on the math assessment, the higher your starting level in math.  Don't worry about trying to do the entire assessment, especially if there are topics you haven't taken before - you will learn those in class.  Focus on the parts that are familiar, and you just need a quick refresher on.


    After you have applied for admission to CapilanoU and received your student number, then please contact Shannon Zanon, 604-983-7578, or to register for an "Information & Assessment" meeting.  

    When selecting a meeting date, please specify a first and second choice (in case your first choice is full), the term you would like to begin classes (Fall, Spring, May/June or July/August), and which subjects you are interested in (if you have decided this already).

    Here is a link to the Information Session Notes, a detailed explanation of these will be given during the actual information session.

      Information & Assessment Meeting Dates (for classes beginning January 3, 2018)

      • Tuesday, January 2, 1:00 - 3:30
      • Thursday, January 4, 10:30 -1:00
      • Monday, January 8, 1:00 - 3:30