CapU students have several opportunities to study in a foreign country as part of their program.

Full-term exchange programs

Internationalize your degree, your resume and your network by spending part of your studies at a partner institution in another country — for the same tuition fee you normally pay at CapU.

Students typically apply in their second year of studies to go abroad in their third. You could be eligible if you:

  • have a cumulative grade point average of 2.67 and are in good academic standing
  • are enrolled as a full-time student (9 credits) at CapU and have completed a minimum of 60 credits before you would depart
  • plan to return for at least one major semester (fall or spring) as a full-time student
  • have a passport that’s valid for international travel six months past your return date.

Interested? See what CapU students who’ve been abroad have to say about their experience. 

Talk to your Academic Advisor about your degree requirements. You’ll want to be sure you’ll still have all the courses you need to graduate.

Where can you go?

You can explore CapU’s partner universities at Exchange Destinations. Follow the links on that page to find each partner university’s course catalogue.

How much does it cost?

Learn about the costs for studying abroad and possible sources of support on our Cost & Funding page.

How to apply

To apply for an exchange, you’ll need to:

  • fill out a form,
  • write a letter describing how the exchange will benefit your studies
  • supply your resume, photocopy of your passport, letters of reference and transcripts.

View all the details in Apply to Study Abroad.

Short-term programs

If you can’t take a whole semester off, CapU has two short-term study abroad programs. 

Field schools

When you embark on a field school, you join a group of 15-30 students for a 10-day to five-week program. Our field schools are led by CapU instructors who will teach a CapU course overseas. You can apply in any year of study and from any program.

Are you a first-time traveler who wants to see the world but can't take the solo leap just yet?

Do you work full time or have family committments that can't take you away for an extended period of time?

Do you love to travel and want to see more of the world and learn a different culture while earning credits at the same time?

Do you want to meet other Capilano University students from different program areas that you normally wouldn't be in class with?

Have you missed your chance for a full semester abroad and don't want to graduate without the opportunity to internationalize your degree?

Are you interested in adding an international perspective to your education and relating classroom study to real-world situations abroad to enhance your career opportunities?

Are you looking for a way to boost your self-confident and independence and strengthen adaptability, communications and team-building skills?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions, then a short-term program like a field school is perfect for you!

Field schools are open to all students at any year of study in any program regardless of which department the field school is part of.

To be eligible to apply, students must be:

  • in good academic standing and no history of relevant academic or non-academic misconduct*
  • nineteen or older before departure
  • a current Capilano student (in either first, second, third or fourth year of study), Capilano alumni or Capilano staff/faculty. Students from institutions other than Capilano University are eligible to participate (however, students from other institutions must qualify for admission to Capilano University as "Visiting Students"), and
  • must have a passport valid for international travel 6 months past the return date.

* Those students with a history may still apply to Study Abroad programs.

The next application deadline is October 20, 2018. 
Step 1. Apply

Complete the online Field School Application Form. There is no application fee. We require a minimum number of applications to proceed with the field school. Applications are now closed for the 2018 field schools. 

Step 2. Interview 

All applicants will be interviewed by the field school leaders prior to acceptance. Interviews will be scheduled using Doodle and instructions will be sent to applicants on receipt of their completed online application.  

Step 3. Register 

All successful candidates will be notified via email. Selected students will be permitted to register in the field school course during the standard online course registration period. Detailed course registration instructions will be provided to accepted students via email.  

Step 4. Pay Deposit 

Registered students will be required to confirm their commitment to the field school program by paying a $350 non-refundable field school program deposit by the specified deadlineDeposit payments can be made directly to the Capilano University cashier's office or online through your myCapU account

A program fee will be given for each Field School that usually covers:

  • return international airfare
  • double occupancy accommodations
  • airport transfer at destination
  • in-country transportation
  • industry and cultural visits
  • program field trips and excursions
  • some meals.

The program fee does NOT include tuition fee, upper level surcharge for tuition, passport fees, entry visas, meals other than those specified in the itinerary, travel to and from Vancouver Airport, transportation expenses other than those indicated on the itinerary, or other personal expenses.

All students are responsible for making sure that their necessary travel documents are in order for entry as a visitor to the program location, as well as to any course field trip locations.

Students who are unable to obtain any necessary visas in time must withdraw from the program and will lose the fees that were paid to participate.

Students with study permits and entry permits for Canada must also ensure these are current so they will be able to re-enter Canada when they return from their Study Abroad program.

As a condition of enrolment, all students will be required to provide written acknowledgement and consent of risks and terms of participation (which include agreeing to abide by Capilano University’s and the host institution’s rules, regulations and code of conduct, and acknowledging their personal liability).

Students will also be required to complete a pre-departure orientation, obtain and provide proof of adequate health insurance, obtain all appropriate travel documents (visa, passport, etc.) and read all materials provided by the Centre for International Experience (including emails and admission details).

Capilano University does not arrange medical travel insurance or flight cancellation insurance; this is the responsibility of each program participant.

Some courses may require students to complete assignments or attend lectures before or after the overseas portion of the program. Students who wish to enroll in a field school course are responsible for ensuring that this course does not overlap with any of their other courses.

Students are expected to accept responsibility for the preparations for their study abroad experience. All communications regarding the program (e.g., course enrolment, fee payments, accommodation arrangements, etc.) are made directly with the student. We cannot discuss details with non-participants, including parents or guardians (except in the case of students under 18), unless the student agrees to such disclosure and is present at those discussions.

Traveling overseas involves inherent risks. While most students go abroad without incident, it is important to consider these risks. Even if traveling to a location that is culturally similar to one’s home, all students are encouraged to develop a health and safety risk management plan.

To assist students with their health and safety risk management, the Centre for International Experience provides pre-departure sessions for all outbound Study Abroad participants.  Further details regarding these sessions will be provided with each student's admission package. Attendance at the pre-departure session is mandatory for all outbound Study Abroad participants. 

The decision to travel is the sole responsibility of the traveler. The traveler is also responsible for his or her own personal safety. All participants in overseas travel are encouraged to review the specific safety information provided by the Government of Canada, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada at

All participants are encouraged to consult the Government of Canada Travel Health and Safety website for important information on travel health risks and preventative measures to keep themselves safe during travel. Students who have any health concerns related to traveling overseas discuss these with their health care provider prior to submitting their Study Abroad application form.

Students should not expect medical services abroad to be the same as in Canada. When traveling outside of Canada, students may also be at risk of a number of vaccine preventable illnesses. We strongly suggest that all participants consult a health care provider or visit a travel health clinic preferably six weeks before travel.

All students are required to have medical travel insurance coverage for the duration of the program. Students must make their own insurance arrangements. The Centre for International Experience at Capilano University does not purchase specific insurance plans for students participating in Study Abroad opportunities. 

Check back in September for info about locations and dates for 2018/19 field schools.

Applicants will need to apply for a specific field school. You’ll then be interviewed by the trip leaders before being accepted.

Once accepted, you register during the regular online course registration period and pay a $350 non-refundable deposit.

Some of our CapU field schools

The London Field school gives CapU students experience and skills to communicate in a cross-cultural business environment. 

The trip typically includes visits to British industry and traditional visitor attractions, as well as local cultural experiences in and around London and other parts of England.

Hosted in part by the University of Greenwich, this three-credit field school will immerse Capilano University students in London’s eclectic and vibrant culture as seen through the lives, activities and experiences of everyday Londoners.

With pre-trip classes, field school journals, analysis and a post-trip assignment and presentation, students will reflect on the needs of Canadian individuals and organizations wishing to conduct business in and with the UK.

This field school is an exciting opportunity for an academic and cultural experience in Hungary for students interested in an engaging international experience. 

A typical trip will have you traveling to Budapest for a cultural orientation, then to the University of Pécs where participants will complete their academic projects.

This trip is led by instructors from CapU’s School of Business.

Come experience 4,000 years of civilization in two weeks with the China field school, as you explore China through historical sites such as the Forbidden City and Great Wall in Beijing, the Ti’an Buddha in Hong Kong and the legendary five rams in Guangzhou. 

You’ll attend guest lectures, visit factories and gain access to the largest import/export trade show in the world for insight into China’s growing economy. 

This field school typically visits Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, and is led by instructors from the Schools of Business and Tourism Management.

Summer schools

Our short-term summer programs are 10 days to 5 weeks long. These programs are great for those who cannot take a whole semester off but would still like to gain firsthand experience and understanding of the unique culture and context of another country. 


Study at CapU as a Visitor or Exchange student

If you're currently studying outside of Canada, you can apply to come to CapU as an exchange student or a visiting international student.  

See Visiting & Exchange Students for the details.