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        Altered or Fraudulent Parking Receipts or Parking Permits

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        Accessible Parking for Persons with a Disability

        A person with a disability whose vehicle displays a valid SPARC (Social Planning and Research Council) permit may park in stalls marked with the wheelchair symbol.

        Regulations and the issuance of SPARC permits are covered under the Motor Vehicles Act.

        Note:   SPARC permits do not replace Capilano University pay parking permits. A valid proof of payment (permit or dispenser receipt) is required to park in the University parking facilities.

        Temporary Permit Applications from the University may be completed by a student or an employee with a disability to allow time for the processing of their official SPARC permit.

        Students apply for temporary permits at the Disability Services Office (Birch 284) and employees apply at the Contract Services and Capital Planning office (Arbutus 030).

        A physician's authorization is required to process the application.

        Student Application Form (pdf) Employee Application Form (pdf)

        Altered or Fraudulent Parking Receipts or Parking Permits

        Any vehicle found to be displaying an altered or fraudulent parking receipt or parking permit will be immediately subject to removal of the vehicle ( towed ) from the campus at the sole expense of the vehicle driver/owner and will be issued a violation notice and fine.

        The University will also not permit the future purchase of a monthly, term or annual parking permit or participation in a carpool group for the vehicle or person deemed responsible for the fraudulent or altered parking receipt or parking permit.

        All fines levied as a result of displaying a fraudulent or altered parking receipt or parking permit must be immediately paid otherwise the vehicle will be subject to immediate future removal from the campus at the sole expense of the vehicle driver/owner.

        Carpool and Ride Share

        Carpooling and ride sharing reduces the number of single occupancy cars arriving at the campus each day and decreases the strain on our limited parking resources.  A carpool group consists of three or more people who would otherwise bring their individual vehicles to campus and are travelling to campus in one vehicle in lieu of their individual vehicles.

        Carpooling = Free Parking

        Groups of three (3) or more employees and/or students currently enrolled at Capilano University (including Children's Centre) may apply to register as a carpool group.  Registered carpool groups in good standing may park for free in the designated carpool spaces on days when they are in compliance with the carpool rules.

        How to Apply for a Carpool Permit

        Complete one application  (pdf) form for the whole group.  

        Each applicant must:

        • Provide their personal contact information and up to 2 license plate numbers to associate to the permit.
        • Sign the agreement to acknowledge they have read and understand it, and the declaration clause and the hold harmless clause and agree to abide by the carpool rules, general parking rules and their own responsibility to perform their own due diligence in driving or being a passenger in a carpool group. 
        • Attend at the Parking Services Office in Arbutus building room AR032 and present their own CapCard to validate the agreement before the carpool permit will be issued.
        • Request the Children’s Centre Manager to verify by an email to if your child carpools with you.
        • One carpool permit will be issued to the group after all member information has been validated by Parking Services.  Please allow up to 2 business days for processing.

        Carpool Rules 

        1. Arrive on campus together, in one vehicle, at the carpool parking area, and exit the vehicle together.
        2. Absolutely no drop-offs or in & out privileges are permitted – there must be at least 3 members in the vehicle upon arrival.
        3. If there are not 3 members in the car you cannot enter a carpool space but must use general pay parking and pay the posted daily rate for that zone.
        4. Vehicles with less than three members observed parking, stopping, waiting, entering or otherwise occupying a carpool parking space will be subject to a ticket and/or towing.  All members of the group will lose their carpool privileges for the remainder of the current term plus the following term. The University’s Carpool Parking Permit must be returned to the Parking Services Office upon request.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
        5. A valid Capilano University Carpool Parking Permit must be displayed visibly from the vehicle’s rear view mirror.
        6. Possession of a carpool permit is not a guarantee of a carpool parking spot; it only gives the holder an advantage to find a spot in a specially designated area.

        The University considers the carpool parking areas and permits to be a service of the University.  Carpool groups have the advantage of seeking parking in designated and free parking spaces on campus.  Any observed breach, obstruction or misuse of the carpool area or permit will result in all members of the group forfeiting their carpool privileges for the remainder of the current term plus the following term and be subject to a ticket and/or towing. 

        All applicants for a carpool group must be first cleared of any outstanding parking violation notices or fines received at Capilano University.  Those who have previously received notices for fraudulent use or alteration of any type of parking related payment, receipt or permit will not be eligible for a carpool permit.

        Carpool Permits remain the property of Capilano University and must be returned if membership drops below the required three persons, upon expiry at the end of each term, or surrendered upon request of a parking patroller if used in violation of the rules.

        Due Diligence

        It is the responsibility of each carpool group member to perform their own due diligence in researching and following recommendations for participation in a carpool.  Capilano University and/or Vinci Park Canada are not responsible for ensuring the quality of or licensing of drivers who join a carpool group or for ensuring the vehicles of participants are roadworthy, or adequately insured.  Each carpool member is responsible for continual review of insurance papers to ensure adequate coverage is carried for all carpool drivers and passengers including underinsured motorist protection coverage.  It is also advisable to discuss and/or review the driving records and driving habits of your co-members.  Insurance related questions must be directed to the member’s ICBC Agent.

        Ride Share

        The Jack Bell Foundation has on-line resources for:

        • Casual Ride-Shares: when commuters share rides in their own vehicles - choose Capilano University as your destination on their Ridematching Database
        • Formal Ride-Shares: when commuters pay and ride in a Jack Bell Ride-Share fleet vehicle


        Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

        EV charging stations are located in Lots1 and 7. There is no cost to charge your electric vehicle however payment for parking at the posted rate is required.   Payment may be made by purchasing a receipt at the dispenser, by PaybyPhone or by displaying a parking permit.  The time limit to stay is 2 hours.

        Parking On-Campus

        Capilano University's North Vancouver Campus is located in an urban area with limited parking. Demand for parking spaces will at times exceed the space available. Employees and students are encouraged to Car Pool, use transit, walk or cycle to the campus.

        The administation and operation of pay parking including permit sales, equipment, parking violation notices, courtesy notices, and towing is contracted to VINCI Park. The Campus parking rules and regulations are established by the University.

        Pay parking is in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including weekends and statutory holidays.

        All vehicles on Campus must clearly display a valid parking permit (hang tag) or dispenser receipt and park only in the designated parking spaces conveniently located throughout the parking lots and Campus roadways.

        The Campus is divided into 3 payment zones.  Each zone is has General Parking in addition to other designations for Hourly Short Term (15 minute increments), Disability, Reserved with Special Decal (Employees), Loading Zones, Security, Sales Representative, and Guests (with G Permit).

        Parking Off-Campus

        There is limited parking available in the neighbourhoods outside the Campus.  Please read and comply with all signage especially near driveways and cross-streets.  

        The following areas are not owned by the University and vehicles may be permitted to park for free in some areas (read all posted signage carefully):

        • Lillooet Road
        • Purcell Way - reserved for the private homes in the area
        • Upper Monashee Drive (from Northwest Kennels driveway up to north end)



        Parking Rates - Daily or Hourly by Zone

        Payment Dispensers are located in parking lots throughout the Campus and accept coins and major credit cards (MC, Visa, AMEX).
        Dispenser Receipts must be clearly displayed; face up, on the vehicle's dash. If the receipt information and expiry time is not visible the Patroller will issue a violation notice.

        Short Term (Hourly) Lots 7 & 10 -  .75¢ per 15 minutes

        Description:  Lots #7 and #10 are designated for short term parking only. 

        Payment Options:

        • PaybyPhone
        • Purchase a receipt from the payment dispenser located in Lot 7 or 10 only.  

        Except for the EV charging stations and handicap spaces Lots 7 and 10 are designated for short term parking only and payment must be made only
        from the hourly parking dispensers located within those lots.  

        There is no fee to charge your electric vehicle however payment for parking is required. 
        Display your valid parking permit, use PaybyPhone or purchase payment from any dispenser within the Zone 1 payment area.

        Parking in the handicap spaces requires a valid SPARC permit and payment for parking.
        Display your valid parking permit, use PaybyPhone or purchase payment from any dispenser within the Zone 1 payment area.

        Zone Descriptions and Prices

        Zone 1 - $6.00 per day

        Description:  Extends from the Library building southwards including Arbutus, Birch, Cedar and Library buildings.  DOES NOT include Hourly - Short Term Lots #7 and #10.

        Payment Options:

        Zone 2 - $4.75 per day

        Description:  Extends from Parking Lot #2 to the north wall of Library building including Parking Lot #3, Bosa Centre, Dogwood, Fir, Maple, and Studio Art buildings Monashee Drive, Skeena Road, and Tantalus Road

        Payment Options:

        Zone 3 - $3.50 per day  

        Description:  Parking Lot #4 only

        Payment Options:

        After 5:00 pm on weekdays, on weekends, and statutory holidays
        Zones 1, 2, 3 are $3.50 flat rate until 6:00 am the following morning.
        This does NOT include Hourly - Short Term Lots #7 and #10.        


        Parking Rates - Permits (hangtags)   

        Parking permits (hangtags) may be purchased in-person at the Parking Office during designated sales hours or anytime using our secure on-line service.  

        Permits are valid throughout the Campus except for Short Term Lots 7 & 10 and stalls reserved or posted with additional requirements.

        Permits must be clearly displayed in the vehicle's front windshield; preferably hung from the rear-view mirror. If the permit information and expiry date is not visible the Patroller will issue a violation notice.

        Monthly - $56  

        Monthly Permits are valid from date of purchase to same date of following month
        $30 for COPE Union Members with valid CapCard 

        Term - $188  

        Term Permits are valid from date of purchase to same date of the 4th month
        $100 for COPE Union Members with valid CapCard 

        Annual - $331  

        Annual Permits are valid from date of purchase to same date of the 12th month
        $180 for COPE Union Members with valid CapCard




        Best Price Option

        The Permit Price vs Daily Rates Comparison Chart (pdf) may help you to choose your most cost-effective method of parking payment.


        Refund Policy for Parking Permits

        The permit value is refunded minus the number of months (or portion thereof) expired; multiplied by the current monthly rate.

        Monthly Permit - no refunds 

        Term Permit Refund Example:

        Term permit purchased on September 15th and returned for refund on October 18th
        would be calculated as: 

        $188 - $112 (2 months @ $56 / mo) = $76.00 refund.

        Annual Permit Refund Example:

        Annual permit purchased on September 15th and returned for refund on December 18th
        would be calculated as:

        $331 - $224 (4 months @ $56 / mo) = $107.00 refund.


        Pay By Phone

        Daily and hourly parking may be purchased using the PayByPhone system.

        A first-time account set-up from your cell phone; directing payment from your credit card is required.

        Permit Purchase - Online  

        Month, term or annual parking permits can be purchased at anytime using our quick, secure and convenient web-based payment method. 

        Don't wait in line at the parking services office because your permit is just a couple of clicks away using the  Online Parking Application Form .

        Parking permit hang tags purchased online are mailed directly to the address you specify and normally will arrive between 3 to 5 business days. You can order your permit in advance and it will be mailed out prior to your chosen start date.


        Permit Purchase - In Person  

        Month, Term, and Annual Permits are available for purchase during Permit Sales Times

        The Parking Services Office is located in basement of the Arbutus building, room 032. 

        How to Apply for a Parking Permit 

        • Complete a parking permit application form at Parking Office, AR 032
        • Cash, personal cheques, debit and credit cards are accepted
        • Make cheques payable to "VINCI Park"
        • Permits are issued at point of purchase 

        Retain your receipt as this proof of purchase is required for refund or replacement. 

        COPE Union members (Capilano University staff employees) must present valid CapCard to obtain the negotiated union rate.


        Parking Services Office

        Location:        Arbutus building, room AR032 (basement level)

        Telephone:     604-983-7593 (dial direct from campus phone local 7593)

        Permit Sales Times   

        The Parking Services Office sells parking permits only during the following times:

        Monday to Friday
        12:15 pm to 1:15 pm

        On the first five and last five business days of the month
        10:15 am to 10:45 am and 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm

        Extended hours may be available for high demand periods at the beginning of Fall and Spring terms.



        Towing of Vehicles

        Vehicles may be towed from Campus for illegal parking in fire lanes, loading zones, or wheelchair spaces, non-payment of posted parking rates, use of an altered or fraudulent parking receipt or parking permit, or continuously sounding car alarms.

        Vehicles that must be towed from Capilano University property are held in the impound lot at:

        The Parkway Crew
        located at 398 Seymour Boulevard (across from Superstore)
        Telephone number is 604-929-1134.

        Vehicles are released only upon payment of the towing fee.

        Transit Info

        The North Vancouver campus is serviced by Translink and the West Vancouver Blue Bus.

        Translink information line is 604.953.3333.

        Federal tax legislation came into effect on July 1, 2006 allowing you to claim monthly transit costs.

        For details check Revenue Canada's website or your preferred income tax specialist.

        Vehicle Theft Prevention Tips

        • Close windows and lock doors.
        • Take your possessions with you.
        • DO NOT leave anything visible in your automobile.
        • Invest in a good vehicle anti-theft device including use of a steering wheel lock.
        • Park in well-lit areas near pedestrian traffic and visible.
        • Engrave your stereo and other on-board valuables with your driver's license number. 
        • Install an anti-theft device to protect your stereo, or buy a unit that's removable and take it with you when you park.
        • Keep your spare keys in your wallet, not in your car.

        Report ALL on-campus accidents and/or thefts to Security. 

        If you require assistance or spot any suspicious persons lurking around the parking lot, contact Security at the University's Emergency Number: 604.984.1763.

        On-Campus Security Service is provided by Concord Security Ltd.

        Check out the ICBC web site for more tips and information.


        Violation Notices - Parking Fines

        VINCI Park manages Capilano University's Parking Services and is responsible for enforcing the parking regulations as determined by the University.

        VINCI Park is responsible for handling all inquires and disputes.
        The on-campus office cannot cancel parking violation notices.

        Violation fine is $39.20 if paid within 7 days.
        After 7 days the fine escalates to $50.40.
        All fines include applicable taxes.

        Violation Notices - Making Payment

        Fax your credit card information and violation notice number to 604-684-6186

        In-person at their head office located at 1440 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, V6G 2S2.

        In-person, during permit sales hours only, the on-campus Parking Services Office can accept payments for violations which are made by debit or credit card only.

        Violation Notice - Appeal Process

        Appeals must be made in writing within 7 days.

        Complete a Request Cancellation of Violation Notice Form (pdf) and submit to VINCI Park by:

        MAIL:    1440 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, V6G 2S2


        FAX:     604-684-6186