Fees & Finances

    • What funding options are out there?

      A university education is a hefty investment, and we recognize that many students are still financially dependent on their families. We also realize that students generally need more than one source of funding to help pay not only for their education, but to cover living costs as well. In light of this reality, it is essential that you and your student work together to create a financial plan. This section should prove helpful: it tells you what sort of costs you can anticipate, provides information on different sources of financial aid, and serves up some tips on budgeting and financial planning, too.

      First things first—fees

      Before you can begin mapping out a plan, you need an idea of what kind of costs are associated with a Capilano University education. These links will give you an idea of what costs you should anticipate:

      Payment options

      Visit Payment Options to see what methods of payment are available to you.

      Student loans, scholarships, bursaries and awards

      Visit Financial Aid & Awards to see our main resource page for all things related to financial aid. You’ll find information on just about everything you need, including loans, scholarships, bursaries and awards.

      Financial Aid FAQs

      Does FAQ stand for for Frequently Asked Questions, or Financial Aid Questions? Both, my friend. Both. This is a helpful resource that answers the most commonly asked questions about finacial aid: Financial Aid FAQs .

      Starting a financial plan with your student

      Once you’ve researched the costs that come with a university education, and have explored the various sources of funding available, you can start hammering out the details of the financial plan. Having a solid plan in place will give you and your student peace of mind, reduce anxiety, and probably save you money to boot. Check out Budgeting for Your Education to get started on your plan today.

      Paying back government student loans

      As with any loan, student loans must be paid back. It is often the case, however, that the student will not be able to pay back the loan as soon as was planned. If this is the case, there may be options available to you when you are ready to go into government student loan repayment:

      Leave no loan unturned—explore all funding options

      There are funding options available beyond what you will typically find on a university website. Below you’ll find off-site resources that offer a wealth of useful tips and information on student loans, bursaries, awards and scholarships. They’re well worth checking out, as you may discover a source of funds you hadn’t thought of before.