myCap Schedule FAQs

    • How do I find out which courses I need?

      Capilano University has a variety of ways that allow you to determine the courses you need take to complete your program of choice.

      1. A-Z List of  Courses: Available on the Capilano University website. Lists all of Capilano University's courses and subject codes with links to program requirements, course descriptions, etc.  This page is also available through myCap Schedule.
      2. University Calendar: Available on the Capilano University website. Details programs, course descriptions, requirements, etc.
      3. Program profiles: Several area offer profiles detailing the required courses and applicable electives needed to complete a program. Contact your program, or visit the University website for information.
      4. Academic Advisors: Visit the Advising Centre in BR230, or book an appointment by calling 604.984.4900.

      Is there a way to allow easier navigation of myCap Schedule for visually or mobility-impaired users?

      • The Increase Accessibility option ensures the web site is navigable and understandable to visually or mobility-impaired users with tools such as JAWS (WCAG standards).
      • To increase accessibility, click on the Increase Accessibility link at the bottom of the ADD COURSES panel.

      Increase Access myCap

      • To turn this option off, click Disable Accessibility Features link located at the bottom of the ADD COURSES panel.
        • Please note: Disable Accessibility Features is only visible when the Accessibility has been Increased.

      Decease Access myCap


      I’m trying to build a schedule, but when I enter courses, it tells me some of them are full. What can I do?

      Courses that are full may have an open seats on the waitlist. When you register in the full course, you will be able to add yourself to the waitlist and if a spot becomes available, you will be sent an offer. Please note: waitlist positions must be confirmed every 24 hours. For information on waitlisting, please visit “How to Register” on the CapU Website.

      If the course does not have a waitlist, check back later and it may have space open up. It is worthwhile to include them in your list of courses when you’re trying to build a possible schedule; however, you will want to make sure you have a list of alternative courses should it not become available. 


      My screen looks different from the screens in the tutorials. Why is this?

      Depending on the resolution of your computer, your screens may look a little different than the tutorials.

      If you are “zoomed in”, your ADD COURSES panel will take up a full screen, as shown below.

      Zoom In myCap

      You will need to click Generate Schedules to view your RESULTS window, with Calendar display. 

      You can return to ADD COURSES by clicking the ADD COURSES tab.

      Add courses mycap

      You can increase or decrease your computers viewing settings to change the view that you receive. If you prefer the “Zoomed in” view, you can increase the zoom on your computer settings to view the ADD COURSES and RESULTS windows on different pages.

      You can increase and decrease your zoom two ways:

      • Holding Ctrl & clicking the “+” (increase), or “-“ (decrease”) on your keyboard.
      • Hold Ctrl & rolling the mouse wheel forwards (increase) or backwards (decrease).


      When I use myCap Schedule, I get a warning message on one or more courses. What do I do?

      Warning myCap

      You must remove or replace one of the conflicting courses before you can view available schedules. myCap Schedules will not allow you to view any schedules that contain time conflicts. 

      You can also check and uncheck courses to view how your schedules would look without them.

      Uncheck myCap


      I am a Cohort student and my program provides required courses and schedules. Should I use myCap Schedule?

      Yes, we recommend all students to use myCap Schedule. If you are a cohort student, you can select your courses by typing in the specific CRNs (Course Registration Numbers), or course names given to you by your program and send them directly to the Registration system by clicking Register. You can also create and save this schedule to your Favourites ahead of your registration date. Then, during registration, you can load it from your FAVOURITES and click Register to register.


      When I block off times where I do not wish to have classes, I still get results that have courses scheduled during my blocked-off time. Why is this happening?

      When you block off a time period, myCap Schedule sorts the results to prioritize the schedules that avoid those times. However, if there are not any courses available that do not overlap with blocked-off time, those that have the least amount of overlap will be prioritized. If there are only courses during the blocked-off times, they will still be shown. myCap Schedule can only provide schedules for the courses in the time they are available; if your block-off times cannot be met, you may want to try another course.

      I only want to take classes with a specific instructor. Can I search by instructor only?

      Yes. In the search bar, you can type in either the instructors first or last name. Courses that the instructor is teaching in the selected term will appear.

      Instructor Search myCap


      I am registered or waitlisted for a course, but would like to look for other courses that are at the same time. Am I able to search for these courses?

      If you are registered or waitlisted for a course and want to look for other courses in the same timeslot, when you log in, you will see your enrolled/waitlisted course displayed in the ADD COURSES panel with a check box next to it.

      • Please note: You will not be able to register or waitlist in a course that is in the same timeslot as your registered course. You will only be able to waitlist in a course that is in the same timeslot as a waitlisted course.

      Waitlist 1 myCap

      With the check box selected, you will be unable to search for courses that are on the same day and time.

      Waitlist 2 myCap

      To view these courses, unselect the check box. The course you are searching for will appear.

      Waitlist 3 myCap



      Am I able to see how different courses fit in my schedule without having to add/remove courses from myCap Schedule builder?

      When you have conflicted or overlapping timeblocks for your courses, you can select and deselect different courses to see how they will  work with your schedule.

      To do this, you check or uncheck the course box in the ADD COURSES panel. This will remove the course from your schedule, while keeping it in your list of Added courses.

      Check, uncheck

      Please note: unchecking this box will also remove the course from your Registration box. Make sure the box is checked in all courses that you want to register for.