Retired Music Therapy Instructor Receives Faculty Emeritus Recognition

June 11, 2015

  Liz Emeritus

Liz Moffitt is internationally known for the depth of her kindness, intuition, wisdom, clear thinking, communication and generosity in the professional community of Music Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Guided Imagery and Music.

Liz retired from teaching in the Bachelor of Music Therapy program in 2009 and has continued to contribute significantly to the profession. 

Her Music Therapy teaching career began in 1979 at Capilano.  Liz was instrumental in developing national undergraduate standards for training Music Therapists soon afterwards.  Liz was the program coordinator when the diploma Music Therapy program was upgraded to a Bachelor’s degree in 1990, a significant milestone in the program’s 39 year history.

Liz is known globally for her nurturing and inspiring experiential workshops at conferences, through the depth of her Guided Imagery and Music trainings given across Canada, and for her depth of passion for the field of Music Therapy.  She is an outstanding teacher who continues to demonstrate excellence in the classroom. 

Last year Capilano University gave Faculty Emeritus status to three retired faculty from a variety of programs.  This year Liz was the only person to be recognized with this honoured status at Convocation.

Submitted by: Sylvia Huzek