Music brings healing in post-conflict Bosnia

July 27, 2015

Music brings healing in post-conflict Bosnia

Alpha Woodward in Bosnia in 2007.

In a small room where children's toys were stacked in shelves against the wall, and a dollhouse sat in the corner, Alpha Woodward played guitar for a young Bosnian girl who was born with a defect that had left her blind.

It was 2003 and the Bosnian war had ended several years before. But the country was still piecing itself together; dealing with the trauma that armed conflict leaves behind.

Alpha Woodward was recruited to the war-torn country to work as a music therapist in the southern Bosnian town of Mostar, at the Pavarotti Music Centre. Initially planning on staying for six months, she ended up staying for four years. The problems in the now Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) were too pervasive: the prevalence of birth defects in Bosnia had risen dramatically since the war had ended and the presence of mass trauma had overwhelmed the healthcare system and its professional resources. More...

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