Kevin Kirkland

Kevin Kirkland

PhD (University of B.C.), MA (California State University), BMT (Capilano U), B.Mus in Composition (University of Alberta), FAMI, MTA

Instructor - Bachelor of Music Therapy

Dr. Kevin Kirkland teaches half time in the Music Therapy program and also works as a Music Therapist with adults in treatment for mental health and addictions issues in an inpatient setting. Kevin completed his Ph.D. in 2004 on the topic of trauma and the creative arts. He brings a research-informed, music-based and depth perspective to the classroom. Kevin has been part of Music Therapy faculty since 2009.

Music Therapy Employment:

  • Burnaby Centre for Mental Health and Addiction

Music Therapy Areas of Interest:

  • Mental health & addiction, Alzheimer Disease, spirituality, Guided Imagery & Music, research, creativity, arts-based education, sexual Abuse, trauma informed practice 









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