Why take Math at Capilano University?

  • Patience, problem solving, critical thinking and discipline – these are among the skills that improve when you learn mathematics. Studying mathematics opens doors and benefits future doctors, lawyers, sociologists, criminologists and many more! According to CareerCast.com, the top ten jobs in 2016 include data scientist, statistician, software engineer, actuary and mathematician.

    Students taking Mathematics and Statistics courses at Capilano University are taught by knowledgeable, teaching-oriented faculty. All instructors in the Mathematics and Statistics Department hold Masters and/or Doctorate degrees in Mathematics or Statistics. Faculty are committed to quality of education and personal attention to students. Students have access to additional materials through instructor web pages and booklets of previous exams with solutions for sale in the Capilano Bookstore.

    In addition to their instructor's office hours, students can visit the Mathematics Learning Centre (MLC), located in Birch 289, for one-on-one help. The MLC is open Monday to Friday and is staffed entirely with Mathematics and Statistics instructors. Students have access to study areas as well as reference texts, videos, video stations, computers and a printer. 

    Graphing calculators are integrated in most Mathematics and Statistics courses to enhance student learning and understanding of key mathematical concepts. Students are provided with in-class instruction on using their graphing calculator as well as online resources.

  • differential exponentials