Wikipedia Editathon

      Posted: February 23, 2018

      Improve Wikipedia... and enjoy free pizza and coffee!

      You've been using Wikipedia for years, why not make it a better resource for everyone?

      Wikipedia Art + Feminism Edit-a-thon
      Tues Mar 6
      LB119 (inside the Library)

      Wikimedia’s gender trouble is well-documented. While the reasons for the gender gap are up for debate, the practical effect of this disparity is not. Content is skewed by the lack of female participation. This represents an alarming absence in an increasingly important repository of shared knowledge.

      Let’s change that. Join us for a communal updating of Wikipedia entries on subjects related to art and feminism.

      We will provide tutorials for the beginner Wikipedian. People of all gender identities and expressions are invited to participate. Please bring your laptop, power cord and ideas for entries that need updating or creation. We'll have some spare devices for those who can't bring their own. 

      Also: there will be free pizza and coffee/tea!

      Submitted by: CapU Library