IDEA Student Exhibit

      Posted: April 26, 2016

      The Library welcomes a new exhibit of IDEA student work.

      Visit the Library this summer to see how the students in the Visual Design (IDEA) program were inspired by local seniors. A series of posters documenting the lessons passed on by elders is now on display on the west wall of the Library's main floor. Read more about this unique project below.

      Capilano University’s IDEA School’s graphic design students partner with local seniors at Silver Harbour for one-of-a-kind project


      Graphic design students in Capilano University’s Bachelor of Design program were asked to graphically represent the life lessons and sage advice of some North Vancouver seniors.

      Typically, young people studying branding, graphic design, and marketing across Canada do projects for things like craft beer packaging, a website for a hipster coffee shop, or a concert poster for their favourite band. However this year, students in the IDEA School of Design were given a unique assignment.

      They were asked to visit Silver Harbour Seniors' Activity Centre, interview a senior about their experiences and the important lessons they’ve learned, and use graphic design to help share that life lesson. The result? Meaningful learning for the students, the seniors, and the community.


      Recently, 30 first year students in Capilano Univeristy’s IDEA School of Design partnered with 16 seniors from the North Shore’s Silver Harbour Centre. The students were tasked with finding out: 

      What is the one key message you’ve learned in life and would like to pass on? 

      Students interviewed the seniors and chatted about their life experiences. They then distilled the seniors’ responses down to a concise, shareable message. Then, they worked on how this personal message could be best communicated through a poster design. Once their concept was approved by the senior, the students began work on designing their poster. 

      After a few weeks, and subsequent interviews, the students created 30 great posters that celebrated some very experienced, life learned advice.

      But moreover; generations were bridged, stories shared, and communities strengthened.  

      Quotes from the seniors included statements such as:
      “You hear all these negative things about today’s young people; then you meet a group like this and realize they are all just lovely,” and
      “This makes me feel good about our future.”

      Quotes from the students about the members of Silver Harbour included:
      “(They) have done so much in their lives, it is SO inspiring’,
      “what an amazing person, that was so much fun”, and
      “I can’t wait till I’m 55, that place and the people are awesome.”

      About the IDEA School of Design:

      The IDEA School of Design at Capilano University in North Vancouver runs a 4-year Bachelor of Design program with a career-focussed curriculum. Students may select concentration options in branding, illustration, or interactive design.

      About Silver Harbour Seniors’ Activity Centre:

      Silver Harbour Seniors' Activity Centre is a recreational centre in the heart of North Vancouver. It is designed to inspire and enhance the physical and mental well-being of adults 55 plus.

      Submitted by: CapU Library