Huizhou University Visit

      Posted: August 10, 2015

      18 Members of Huizhou University Visited Our Library

      A group of administrators and deans from Huizhou University, our sister university in Southern China, have been visiting our campus this month. Last Friday, October 19th, the University Librarian Grace Makarewicz gave them a presentation about the library’s history, resources, renovation, and future plans. After the presentation, Michelle, one of our staff members who speaks Mandarin, volunteered to give them a tour of the library and answered a variety of questions related to the library, the city, and the country. The supervisor of the Circulation Services Department, Janine Hodgson, set up temporary records so that they could have borrowing privileges.  During their library tour, they took photos and videos of our collections, talked to some students, and checked out our facilities. They were very impressed with our well-organized shelves, comfortable chairs, and tidy study environment. They also appreciated the offer and the convenience of using our library resources and computers  during their short stay in Canada.

      Submitted by: Michelle Yu