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    Staff Picks

    • Every month some of our staff members' favourite books go on display on the side of the popular bookshelf on the main floor. Check them out in the library, or reserve them right here - you might find something you like!

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      Staff Picks for May 2017

      Dark Victory

      Batman: Dark Victory
      by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale
      Michael's Pick

      The rare sequel that lives up to its predecessor, Dark Victory is a follow-up to the brilliant Long Halloween. It chronicles the rise of Two Face after Harvey Dent’s fall in The Long Halloween, and introduces the first (and best) Robin, Dick Grayson. (Fun fact: there have been 5 different canonical Robins.)

      Batman: Hush
      by Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee
      Michael's Pick

      Hush is my favorite Batman graphic novel of all-time (The Long Halloween is a very close second). Unlike Jeph Loeb’s other Batman works, this takes place not at the beginning of the Dark Knight’s career, but at its peak: at a time when his “gallery of rogues” is fully established, and he has almost as many allies in his fight against them. If you’ve read any of the other stuff we have by Loeb, you know what to expect: a plot full of twists and turns and red herrings, as a new villain in town (or is he new…? dun dun dun!) manipulates pretty much every Batman character you’ve ever heard of (along with some you haven’t) in pursuit of a personal vendetta against the Dark Knight.
      The Long Halloween

      Batman: The Long Halloween
      by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale
      Michael's Pick

      One of the best graphic novels of all-time, this is a mystery set early on in Batman’s career. A serial killer who murders people on holidays is loose in Gotham. What sets this story apart from many superhero stories is the writing – the art isn’t particularly great, but that is more than made up for by the fact Jeph Loeb is a master storyteller. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was heavily influenced by both The Long Halloween and its sequel, Dark Victory.
      Immortal Life

      The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
      by Rebecca Skloot
      Brook's Pick

      Rebecca Skloot weaves the life-story of a woman and her family with the incredible scientific breakthrough that was the result of her cells and makes the whole story fascinating and understandable, even to the unscientific mind. I couldn't put this book down.

      by Saroo Brierley & Larry Buttrose
      Sabrina's Pick

      Lion is the story of Saroo Brierley, who fell asleep on a train as a young boy in India and ended up being adopted by a family in Tasmania. As an adult, Saroo painstakingly matched landmarks from his memories to images from Google Earth in order to find his way home to "Ginestlay." Lion was recently made into an Academy Award-nominated movie starring Dev Patel, Rooney Mara, David Wenham, and Nicole Kidman. It is a quick, heart-warming read, perfect for a rainy day.

      The Reader
      by Bernhard Schlink
      Viera's Pick

      Excellent, interesting story. One of the required for ENGL 104.

      The Storyteller
      by Jodi Picoult
      Chelsea's Pick

      Jodi Picoult always delivers a compelling story while challening readers morals and forcing them to ask "What would I do in that situation?".
      The Tower of the Swallow

      The Tower of the Swallow
      by Andrzej Sapkowski
      Michael's Pick

      The penultimate chapter to the Witcher saga (at least, as far as the books go). The title on the cover is a mistranslation; it should be swallow, singular (which refers to Ciri’s avian nickname). A large chunk of the book focuses on her, as she tells her story to an old man who finds her severely injured after the Rats get what’s coming to them, though in the process Ciri falls into the hands of someone even worse... Geralt, meanwhile, continues to gather colorful allies as he progresses with his rescue mission, and the stage is set for the climax...

      Reading order: 1) The Last Wish 2) Sword of Destiny 3) Blood of Elves 4) Time of Contempt 5) Baptism of Fire 6) The Swallow’s Tower 7) Lady of the Lake (There is also a fan translation for a prequel that's hasn't been published in English yet, Season of Storms, available for free online at the CD Projekt Red forums.