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    Staff Picks

    • Every month some of our staff members' favorite books go on display on the side of the popular bookshelf on the main floor. Check them out in the library, or reserve them right here - you might find something you like!

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      Staff Picks for October 2017

      Childhood of Jesus

      The Childhood of Jesus
      by JM Coetzee
      Michel's Pick

      Is it the title? The lack of hubbub around this novel (and its recent sequel, The Schooldays of Jesus) suggests it might have an unfair destiny as a “late novel” footnote in Coetzee’s large bibliography. Eerie, awkward, and recalcitrant to interpretation, this coming-of-age story of post-apocalyptic refugees in a Kafkaesque land can have a way of sneaking up and working its way into your imagination.
      Milk and Honey

      milk and honey
      by rupi kaur
      Elizabeth's Pick

      From the book:
      “milk and honey is a collection of poetry about
      and femininity
      it is split into four chapters
      each chapter serves a different purpose
      deals with a different pain
      heals a different heartache
      milk and honey takes readers through
      a journey of the most bitter moments in life
      and finds sweetness in them
      because there is sweetness everywhere

      if you are just willing to look

      - about the book”

      North of Normal

      North of Normal
      by Cea Sunrise Person
      Brook's Pick

      This an amazing story about a young girl raised in a crazy, counter-culture family who lived off the land. When she realized all of that wasn't normal, she strove to find a way out and search for her own sense of normal. This story is about how she went from a tipi in the wilderness and eating bug stew and bear meat to how she navigated her way on her own to become an international model by the time she was 13. It's an amazing story and a quick read. You'll love it!
      One Flew Over

      One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
      by Ken Kesey
      CJ's Pick

      Kesey's ability to create vivid characters, dialogue, and action makes for a truly memorable book.

      Seiobo There Below
      by Laslzo Krasznahorkai
      Michel's Pick

      A novel comoposed of 17 thematically interconnected stories about art, creation, beauty, tradition and transcendence by the so-called "Hungarian master of apocalypse." Krasznahorkai manages to avoid the saccharine clichés that readily come with these lofty topics as he weaves in and out of richly detailed vignettes from various points in history through Persia, Japan, Greece, Italy and other locales.
      Walk the Line

      Walk the Line
      Directed by James Mangold
      Michael's Pick

      An excellent biopic on the life of Johnny Cash. Even if you’re not into his music, it’s well worth a watch.