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      Lieutenant Governor's Award for Literary Excellence FAQ

      • Part of the BC Book Awards
      • Relatively new - established in 2004 by BC's Lt. Governor at the time, Iona Campagnolo
      • Intended to "recognize British Columbian writers who have contributed to the development of literary excellent in the province."
      • More of a "lifetime achievement" award than a "best book of the year" one
      • Specific criteria: The writer must have "written a substantial body of literary work throughout their career and contributed significantly to the literary community/industry of the Province of British Columbia."
      • Writer must also be a Canadian citizen/permanent resident, and have lived in BC for the past 5 years or longer
      • Writer cannot be dead, unless they were announced as the winner while they were still alive, and they died before the ceremony took place
      • Only one winner per year - unlike the Nobels, ties cannot happen (this seems to be a new criteria, as there were two winners in 2013)
      • The jury varies each year, and is made up of 3 "prominent figures from the British Columbia literary community"
      • While the Lt. Governor doesn't select the award itself, he/she must approve whoever makes up the jury
      • Prize money is $5,000

      Lt. Governor Winners in the Collection

      Douglas Coupland

      2017 – Douglas Coupland

      Author of both fiction and non-fiction, Coupland is also an artist and screenwriter.
      Alan Twigg

      2016 – Alan Twigg

      Author of primarily non-fiction works, and also the publisher of BC Bookworld.
      Betty Keller

      2015 – Betty Keller

      Writes both fiction and non-fiction.
      Kit Pearson

      2014 – Kit Pearson

      A former librarian, Pearson writes children's novels. Her best-known work is The Sky Is Falling.
      Lorna Crozier

      2013 – Lorna Crozier

      Mostly known for her poetry, she has also written a memoir, Small Beneath the Sky. She is married to fellow Lt. Governor award winner Patrick Lane.
      Sarah Ellis

      2013 – Sarah Ellis

      Another former librarian who became a children's writer, she has written books in a variety of genres, including novels, short story collections, and picture books.
      Brian Brett

      2012 – Brian Brett

      While Brett is a poet and novelist, his best-known work is Trauma Farm, a memoir of farm life.
      George Bowering

      2011 – George Bowering

      A prolific writer, Bowering has written novels, poetry, biographies, memoirs, plays, chapbooks, and literary criticism.
      Stan Persky

      2010 – Stan Persky

      Persky is mostly known for his non-fiction, much of which explores political or homosexual themes.
      Terry Glavin

      2009 – Terry Glavin

      While Glavin's works are on a variety of subjects, he mostly writes non-fiction, much of which is journalistic in nature. One of his best known works is The Last Great Sea.
      Gary Geddes

      2008 – Gary Geddes

      While he has written both fiction and non-fiction, he is best known for his poetry, much of which is political in nature.
      Patrick Lane

      2007 – Patrick Lane

      While he mostly writes poetry, he has also written a novel called Red Dog, Red Dog, and a memoir about his struggle with drug and alcohol addiction called Addicted: Notes From the Belly of the Beast. He is married to fellow Lt. Governor Award winner Lorna Crozier.
      Jack Hodgins

      2006 – Jack Hodgins

      While Hodgins mostly writes fiction, he has also written short stories, children's literature, and non-fiction. His best known work is Broken Ground, about a veteran returning from WWI.
      Robert Bringhurst

      2005 – Robert Bringhurst

      Bringhurst is best known for his poetry, and for translating works from Haida, Navajo, classical Greek, and Arabic into English.
      PK Page

      2004 – P.K. (Patricia Kathleen) Page

      Page, the first winner of the Lt. Governor's Award, was best known for her poetry, though she also wrote novels, scripts, plays, essays, librettos, and journalistic works.