Tutorials & Grad Projects

  • How it Works!

     Liberal Studies students can begin taking their three required Tutorials once they have completed 60 credits. 

    The one-credit exploratory Tutorials are where students begin identifying the topic or research question to be taken up in their three- or six-credit Graduating Projects.  

    What happens in the Tutorials and Grad Projects?

    While completing your Tutorials, you meet with your Faculty Advisor on a biweekly basis to explore current issues, questions, readings, and creative or research methods related to your emerging area of interest.   

    You will tie everything together in your Grad Project. The Grad Project is in an integrative capstone project that includes scholarly writing and research but may also include a community engagement or creative component.

    For more information, explore the Tutorial and Grad Project Resources available in the LSBA Student Resources site on CapUMoodle. This site is accessible to all current Capilano University students.

    Who can advise you?

    Any Capilano University faculty member. When setting up their tutorials, students typically approach past instructors and/or work with the Liberal Studies degree coordinator to identify faculty members with appropriate subject-area expertise. 

    How do I get started?

    You must approach prospective faculty advisors at least one term in advance of the desired start date. When introducing yourself and your project, we recommend bringing a draft copy of the Tutorial or Grad Project Application Form to begin the conversation. Once you have a faculty advisor in place, deliver a signed hard copy of the Application form to the Liberal Studies degree coordinator in advance of the deadlines below. 

    Students who would like assistance identifying potential faculty advisors are invited to meet with the Liberal Studies degree coordinator.

    My Tutorial / Grad Project was approved. Now what?

    This is your very own course. You will design the course outline in collaboration with your Faculty Advisor. The assignments and activities will be determined by your individual focus and emerging project aims. Everything you need to get started, has been uploaded to the LBST Student Resources site on CapU Moodle.


    Students must request approval for each Tutorial and Grad Project one term in advance of the desired start date. Please deliver signed hard copies of the Approval forms to the Liberal Studies degree coordinator.

    • Fall term deadline: April 30
    • Spring term deadline: October 31
    • Summer term deadline: February 28

    If the above date falls on a weekend, the application forms are due on the Monday.