Japanese Language Proficiency Test

  • 2015 JLPT Information

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     2015 JLPT

      Sunday December 6, 2015


     Test fees:  $70.00 

      Application Period:  

       Sept. 1 ~ Oct. 2, 2015 

       North Vancouver Campus                


    2015 JLPT Application Process

    1.  Send two forms to Capilano University, Cashier’s Office
                (1)  The Application Form  (fillable form but please sign after printing)
                (2)  The Payment Form   (fillable form but please sign after printing)

                            -  Please type in directly to the both forms.  If not possible,

                                please write in block letters and print out clearly.
                            -  We strongly recommend an email submission to: 

                                        cashiers@capilanou.ca       (subject line:  JLPT 2015)

                 *See the Payment form for other detailed submission methods,
                          address, etc.

    2.  Applicants will receive a confirmation email from the JLPT office.
                 If you do not receive an email, contact the JLPT office: 

    3.  Applicants will receive a voucher by email.

                The voucher is your receipt for the test fees

                If you find any mistakes, contact the JLPT office:  jlpt@capilanou.ca

     4.  Print out the voucher.
                -  Your voucher is required on the test day.
                _  Contact the JLPT office by email if no voucher is received by 

                           the end of October, 2015.

    5.  Applicants will receive Test Day Information by email.
                -  Contact the JLPT office by email if you do not receive the letter.

     6.  Inform the JLPT office of any changes to your address or phone, etc.,
                    by email ASAP:  jlpt@capilanou.ca



    (1)  2015 JLPT Test Guide for Capilano applicants


        - Please note that many parts of the 2015 JLPT Test Guide may not be
           applicable for Capilano applications since the Guide is created to
           accommodate applications throughout the world.  For example,
           NO photo is required on Capilano forms.

          -  You must refer to the Test Guide (pp16-25) to answer the following parts of the 
                apprication form:

                             7. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18, 19, and 20.

                            TEST GUIDE 2015 JLPT

    (2)  Capilano Payment Form 


        -  Type directly and print out 2 copies:  one to submit and the other to keep.

    -  Sign on the printed form when you pay by credit card.

         -  Scan it and save it.

       -  E-mail both signed forms, Application form and Payment form.
          Please write "JLPT 2015" in the subject line and attach two documents.
          There is no need to write any message.


                                 Capilano Payment Form


    (3)  2015 JLPT Application Form

           - Type directly and print our 2 copies:  one to submit and the other to keep.
               Your name on the application form must be the same as on your official
               photo identification.  If you prefer using a different name and since the name
               on the application form will appear on the certificate, you must provide official
              documentation that the name you prefer is indeed yours.

          -  You must check the TEST Guide to fill out questions:
                           7. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. and 20.

          -  Please do not fill out box 23, mailing address, unless you want your test result to
             be mailed to a different place from your current address, box 8.

         -  If you require special accommodation on the TEST DAY, please notify the JLPT office
            at the time of application submission.  If you need the application form for the
            Special Arrangements for People with Disabilities, please contact the JLPT by email.

        -  After printing the filled application form, sign it, scan it, and save it.


                                2015 JLPT Application Form




    2015 JLPT Information Sessions

      Thank you everyone who has attended this sessions.






    • Please notify the JLPT office ASAP by email if you change your address.
    • Please indicate your voucher and the test level and use the same name you used in the application form when contacting the JLPT office.
    • If you contact the office on behalf of a test taker, please identify who you are and indicate the test taker’s name as it appears on the application form, the test level(s), and the voucher number if you know it.

    Any inquiries, please contact us by email at:   jlpt@capilanou.ca