Capilano Universtiy prepares students for the jazz life

March 28, 2017

 Capilano University Juno Nomination 2017

Rejean Marois and his wife, Johanne Fradette, first set eyes on Vancouver while they were chaperoning a student vocal group from Quebec on an extended tour of B.C.

“As part of Expo 86 there was an educational festival with big bands and all kinds of different ensembles,” recalls Marois, who focuses on vocal music as an instructor in the Jazz Studies program at Capilano University.

“We were here for almost a month. We got stuck in a really bad hotel on Granville, you know the kind of place where a lot of business is happening. We had to change in the middle of the night and find another hotel. I could write a book ... but then for the rest of the tour the students were billeted with other students. It was incredible, we were really well-received.”

Back home at Cégep de Sainte-Foy in the suburbs of Quebec City, Marois was involved in teaching different aspects of the music program. “I was a big band and a symphonic band director. In fact, there I was more of an instrumentalist than a vocal music director.”

Marois developed his own musical chops on trombone, guitar and vocals, performing in bands every chance he got. While teaching at the cégep he also went on several tours overseas every year playing for Canadian troops with a band called The Tip Tops.  

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Submitted by: North Shore News-John Goodman