Neelamjit Dhillon blends jazz, classical Indian music

June 25, 2015

 Neelamjit Dhillon blends jazz, classical Indian music

When Coquitlam native Neelamjit Dhillon opens for acclaimed South African musician Abdullah Ibrahim on Sunday, June 28 at the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival, his global outlook on jazz will be in good company.

Neelamjit's involvement in this year's Jazz Festival includes being part of an installation entitled  Pendula  outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. Created through a collaboration with UBC, the installation will combine visuals, audio and improvisation to create a multimedia experience. He will also be speaking at Time Changes: Improvisation, History and the Body, an academic symposium presented by UBC and the International Institute for Critical Studies and Improvisation. As a speaker, he will be discussing an installation that he produced as part of his doctoral studies. He will round up his Jazz Festival experience with a performance at one of Vancouver's most well-known venues.

"I get the esteemed honour to perform at the Vogue, a venue I have been to many times to so many great concerts over the years, to open for an absolute jazz legend, Abdullah Ibrahim, and get to be part of this movement on jazz that involves global influences" he says. "He comes from South Africa and has always woven that cultural experience into jazz. I was honoured to be invited to open for him, because my music does the same within my own framework of Indian classical music and jazz, and my identity as a Canadian." More...

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