WebEx - Self-Help

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        I can't log in to WebEx

        1. Check that you are using the correct username; the WebEx username is the same as your Capilano University username in the form firstnamelastname (e.g. johnsmith5, lorasmith).
        2. Check that you are using the WebEx password; the WebEx password may not be the same as your Capilano University password.
        3. If you are still unable to log in, reset your password.

        I would like to reset my password for WebEx

        1. On any browser, go to https://capilanou.webex.com.
        2. On the top right corner, click Log In.

          WebEx login

        3. Click Forgot your username or password? below the Log In button.

          WebEx login window

        4. Type your email address in the Email address field.

          Forgot username or password

        5. Type the verification code.
        6. Click Submit.
        7. Click OK.

          Forgot username or password - submitted

        8. You will receive an email from messenger@webex.com with the subject "Your WebEx account information request".
        9. Click the link provided below "If you forgot your password, select the link below to change it". The link will open in your browser.

          Forgot username or password - email

        10. Enter a new password in the New password and Confirm password fields.

          Change password WebEx

        11. Click OK.
        12. Click Log In.

          Change password WebEx - done

        13. You are now ready to use WebEx.

        I would like to get a WebEx hosting account

        Please contact IT Services to request a hosting account. More information and further instructions are on the Getting Started with WebEx page.

        I would like to book WebEx portable equipment

        We have a WebEx camera and tripod available for use. Please use the Request Audio-Visual Equipment booking form to reserve the WebEx equipment. 


        If you did not find what you were looking for, contact IT Services.