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Human Kinetics

  • Human Kinetics Student Admissions Human Kinetics is now accepting applications for Fall 2018. Email hkin@capilanou.ca with any questions.

  • Discover the hidden science behind sport!  Explore the human body and its relationship to exercise, sport, and health and leisure activities through the study of Human Kinetics.

    Human Kinetics is the study of human movement from life/physical science, and a social/behavioral science. Thus, the Human Kinetics program at Capilano University focuses on the bio-physical and psycho-social dimensions of human movement, exercise, sport, play and the cultural context with which these elements of human behavior have developed and occur. Areas of study in the Dept. of Human Kinetics range from cellular analyses neuromuscular function and psycho-social factors influencing human movement, to analyses of social and cultural transformation in the role and function of play, exercise and sport. 

    The School of Human Kinetics will admit students to the Human Kinetics Program in the Fall Term only.

    The application deadline is March 15 and the document submission deadline is March 31 (all documents must be submitted to the Human Kinetics Office).  

    2-Year Diploma Program 

    Capilano University offers a two-year, 60 credit diploma program in Human Kinetics designed for students planning to transfer to the University of British Columbia to complete a Bachelors degree in Human Kinetics. Our diploma program offers two streams of study. in the Physical Education or Exercise Science stream. Many courses transfer to major universities such as SFU Kinesiology and the University of the Fraser Valley.  Please refer to the Human Kinetics Resources.