Visit Us: Tours & More

    • One of the best ways to get a feel for the campus and receive in-depth insight into our offerings from faculty and staff is to drop by for a visit. Students can book a campus tour, attend a general information night, check out a program information meeting and more. Everyone is welcome!
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      Special events & open houses
      Find out information about Capilano at special events, such as fairs, festivals and open houses that are happening at our school and out in the community.

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      Explore Capilano Info Night
      Join us at Explore Capilano! You'll be able to learn about our variety of programs and connect with advisors, instructors, students and more.

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      Program information meetings
      Attend a program information meeting to learn specific information about one area of study here at Capilano. 

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      Campus tours
      Sign up for a student-led campus tour. Campus tours are offered regularly throughout the fall and spring terms at our North Vancouver campus. 

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      Signup for E-News Updates
      Subscribe here for occasional e-mail updates about program information meetings, special events and news related to the area of study that interests you most.

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      Talk to an advisor
      Contact an advisor.