Health Care Assistant program grad honoured

July 2, 2015

 Health Care Assistant program grad honoured

When Anya Garcia Sadler first came to Capilano University, she had aspirations of entering the field of health and medicine-but she wasn't sure how to get there.

"Since a young age, I knew that I wanted to be in medicine in some way, shape or form," Anya says. "But to be honest, I never thought I'd become a care aid. I didn't even know that job existed until I went to Cap."

Unsure if she wanted to take the leap into the industry, Anya enrolled in general studies for one year. As she began to gravitate towards the health sciences, she realized this was a passion she couldn't ignore. 

But it was at a course fair that she stumbled across the brochure that made all the difference. On the front it said, "Health Care Assistant."

"I read it, and [thought], 'Wow, this sounds like something I could do!'" 

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