Travel & Hotels

    • You are responsible for making your own travel arrangements for travel from Canada to Brussels and from Brussels to Canada

      CAUTION: Do not make travel arrangements until your application for participation in the Tour has been accepted (if you have received e-Bulletin you have been accepted). If you are applying for an internship do not make travel arrangements until the internship is confirmed and you are advised of the period of the internship. Participants are required to have basic insurance.

      Hotels of the Tour

      Our hotels are finalized by April. 

      Room policy

      All standard accommodations are included in the Tour fee. Accommodations are diverse: For most of the Tour, you will be asked to share a room with other tour participant(s) of the same sex. You will have an opportunity to choose a person to share the accommodation. If you wish a single room and are willing to pay the additional cost please contact us immediately after your application has been accepted. We will provide you with information on the single room supplement (based on previous years, the single room supplement could be approximately CDN $1250 for the duration of the Tour, but prices vary).