Paying for University

    • Money for school. Where can you get it?

      If you’re like most students, you probably need more than one source of funding to help pay not only for your education, but to cover living costs as well. Below you’ll find resources that should help you make your way through the financial aid process, get your hands on some extra funds, and pick up tips on financial planning.

      First things first—fees

      A good starting point is to get an idea of just how much university is going to cost. Visit Fees & Fees Payment to find out more about standard tuition fees, admission/readmission fees, incidental fees and which individuals are exempt from tuition fees. It is also advisable to calculate an estimated cost of attendance for your first year of school and look ahead to future years as well.

      Student loans, scholarships, bursaries and awards

      For a comprehensive look at student loans, bursaries, awards and scholarships, visit Financial Aid & Awards, our main page for all things related to financial aid.

      Put a financial plan together

      A solid financial plan will give you peace of mind, reduce anxiety, and probably save you money. It’s a good idea to get started on your plan today. See Budget for Your Education  for details, or contact the Financial Aid & Awards office to meet with a Financial Aid Officer.


      We also recommend that you visit our Financial Aid FAQs, a helpful resource which answers questions often directed to Financial Aid and Awards.

      Leave no loan unturned—explore all funding options

      There are funding options available beyond what you will typically find on a university website. Below you’ll find websites that offer a wealth of useful tips and information on student loans, bursaries, awards and scholarships. They’re well worth checking out, as you may discover a source of additional funds.

      Paying back your government student loan

      The day will come when you have to pay back your student loan. But there is some good news: you may have options available to you when you are ready to go into government student loan repayment. And if you've ever been pushed to the edge by an assignment deadline, you know how wonderful it can be to get that deadline extended. Here's a site that could prove helpful:

      Contact us

      If, after reviewing the options and information presented on this page, you still have questions regarding financial aid and awards, feel free to contact us.