Choosing a Program

    • What can you take at Capilano University?

      The question should really be “What can’t you take at Capilano University?” That’s because you can study so many things here—from the traditional to the unconventional (Where else can you find typical university courses such as Philosophy, Math, Business and Geography sitting beside unexpected gems such as Documentary filmmaking, Jazz, Outdoor Recreation Management and Costuming?) Nowhere, that’s where. So be sure to check out all our offerings. You might just find something that makes you slap your head and exclaim "That's the one! I'd love to take that!"  To help you get to the head slapping, we’ve organized this page into useful browsing categories:

      Browse by Area of Study

      Arts & Sciences

      This is where you’ll find courses in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Pure & Applied Sciences.

      Business & Professional Studies

      Don't let the name fool you—there's more to this area than business. You'll also find Communication, Legal Studies, and even a dash of Public Administration.

      Fine & Applied Arts

      The uber creative stuff resides here:Motion Picture Arts, Animation, Design, Jazz Studies, Theatre, Arts & Entertainment Management, and more.

      Education, Health, & Human Development

      Here, you’ll find everything from Music Therapy, Rehabilitation Assistant and Early Childhood Care and Education programs to adult upgrading courses such as Adult Basic Education, English for Academic Purposes and College and University Preparation.

      Global & Community Studies 

      This area of study gives you an incredible range of study options. The Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree program, for instance, prepares you for managerial-level positions within the tourism industry. Or, if you prefer climbing mountains as opposed to climbing the corporate ladder, you can sign up for our Wilderness Leadership program.

      Browse by Credential

      Browse by Course Descriptions

      Course descriptions can be found in the onlinCapilano University Calendar. It is the official publication of course descriptions, program information, admission requirements and policies for the academic year. 

      Browse by A – Z List

      Refer to our A-Z List of Programs & Courses to zero in on a specific program.

      Browse by Temperament

      You ask a lot of questions. Sometimes you argue.

      You’re not a disagreeable person, you just like a meaty debate over things like philosophy, religion, politics or string theory. And cold fusion? Puhleeease!  Never happy to take things at face value, you will look deeper than most. You belong in Arts & Sciences.

      You like when the flow of ideas turns into cash flow

      You are a visionary at heart and, more importantly, you know that realizing a dream demands—above all else—unflagging drive and boundless energy. Off you go to Business & Professional Studies.

      You are an artiste! 

      When your parents’ bourgeois friends are not being tedious, they are, in all likelihood, being jejune. Either way, you have no time for their nonsense. You must create. You must explore  Fine & Applied Arts.

      You care 

      You genuinely care about people and their well being. It makes you sad when others are sad. You want to help them. You're going to love our Education, Health, & Human Development offerings.

      You want to take the next step

      You want to prepare for the work world, or lay the groundwork to advance your education. Either way, you know you need to brush up on some skills or get a few prerequisites under your belt. You want to get on with it. You want Access & Academic Preparation.

      You have a strong instinct for survival 

      You have the smarts and toughness to make it through anything—be it a grueling expedition in the mountains or a three-hour meeting in the boardroom. Why are you still here? You should be in Global & Community Studies.