Education and Employment Access program info session

Thursday, March 30, 2017

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Campus: North Vancouver
Location: Birch building, room 342
Contact: Access Work Experience
Phone: 604.984.1711
Website: Access Work Experience

The Education and Employment Access program is designed for high school grads who may have barriers to success in education and employment. Our courses focus on developing the skills and strategies necessary to be an independent learner in a university or employment setting. Through assessment, classroom work and individualized support students will explore career and education options, set goals and  create a specific plan to achieve them. Classes emphasize skills such as practical communication, resume writing, interviewing skills and student success strategies. The second term includes a practicum in a sector of the student’s choice. 

Requirements for acceptance in the program are reading and writing comprehension at a grade 4/5 level, independent self-management skills and motivation to achieve goals. Students with the Dogwood or Evergreen certificate are encouraged to apply. High school transcripts are not required. 

Please plan to come to this information session and learn more about this new program. We are accepting applications now and intake interviews are being booked.