• European Union Study Tour & Internship Program (May 7-27, 2017)

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    European Union Study Tour & Internship Program

    • European Union Study Tour & Internship Program

      The European Study Tour addresses the institutions, evolution, and current issues of the EU through visits to the major institutions of the European Union, located in Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Frankfurt. Building on thirteen years of successful tours, the Network is preparing a lively immersion in the life of the European Union. We are assisted by the continuing help of the European Commission and the Canadian Mission to the EU.

      The Study Tour is not just about the EU, it takes place inside the EU, involving representatives of its administrative and political leadership. Additionally, participants have the exceptional opportunity to receive briefings from and exchange views with representatives of other European organizations such as NATO and the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the EU. As well, participants will meet with representatives of European offices of significant international organizations, such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. For students, the Tour is an excellent study opportunity: it is less a "course" than an immersion in European institutions, a program for self-directed and independent study.

      Internships Provide an Exciting Additional Opportunity

      In addition to the Study Tour, the Network offers a number of qualified participants internship opportunities with EU institutions and other organizations following completion of the tour. Most internships are for two months but Internships of longer duration are often available.

      Students whose home institutions are participating in the Network should apply through the sponsoring faculty member. All applicants for the Study Tour must register or be registered in an appropriate credit course, preferably at their home institution. Students whose home institutions are not associated with the Network may participate in the Study Tour individually but are still required to have a faculty member sponsor their participation. Students should consult their home institutions regarding credit. Please see How to Apply for application details.