What should I bring to the EDT?

    1. A completed EDT Registration Form (pdf), available at the following locations:
      • The forms display outside the Registrar's Office (Birch 230)
      • The University Info Centre (Birch 212)
      • The School of Humanities Office (Fir 404)
    This form must be stamped as paid by the Cashier’s Office. (Pay the $50 fee in advance at the Cashier's Office).
    1. Photo ID
    2. A pencil or pen. Exam booklets are provided

    Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the test.

    Working during the day? Out of town?
    If you are unable to pick up the Registration Form and/or pay for the test in person, you can find alternate payment and registration information here.

    For office hours of the Registrar's Office:
    Registrar's Office Website or phone 604.984.4900.

    For office hours of the Cashier's Office:
    Cashier's Office Website or phone 604.984.1786.