How is the EDT marked?

  • Your essay will be read and marked by two or more English instructors in order to¬†determine your appropriate course level placement: EAP (English for Academic Purposes), CUP (College & University Preparation), or English 100 level courses.

    They will be looking at:

    • Essay development
    • Essay organization
    • Sentence construction
    • English usage (vocabulary, idiom)

    You will receive a placement score at one of the following three English ability levels.

    EAP (English for Academic Purposes)We recommend that you visit the EAP department (Birch 344) for further advice and assessment.
    CUP (College & University Preparation)
    We recommend that you visit the CUP (College & University Preparation) Department (Birch 344) for further advice and assessment.
    ENGL 100*   You are eligible to register in any English 100 level course.

    *ENGL 100+ Writing Centre support - Your Test Results Report may also recommend that you seek help from the Writing Centre to improve your English skills.