Farr 2016 Fall

Roger Farr

BA Hons, MA (SFU)

Instructor - English

I joined the English Department at Capilano University full-time in 2004 and have been affiliated with the Creative Writing, Culture and Technology (RIP), and Liberal Studies BA programs. I've published two books of poetry, a collection of prose poetry, a collaborative research project, and numerous articles and essays. From 2010 - 2013 I edited CUE books, and am currently a Contributing Editor to the Capilano Review. I also edit the poetry and poetics journal Parser. As a researcher my project revolves around the relationship between literature, aesthetics, radical social movements, and everyday life.

I have an unorthodox education history and my teaching methods embody that. My goal as a teacher is to challenge received ideas, support students in their writing, and to affirm the power of the imagination. For more on my ideas about learning and teaching, see this article in the venerable Capilano Courier. You could also check out this book, which is one of my favourites on education.


604-986-1911 ext. 2291








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" RIOT 1492"

Tweet/ Billboard Installation

Digital Natives (BC), Spring 2011

Curated by Other Sights (Lorna Brown and Clint Burnham)

City of Vancouver Public Art Program

Short Range Poetic Device

Tactical/Pirate Radio Transmissions (w/ Steve Collis)

Video In/Video Out (VIVO), Spring 2010

Archived at PENNSOUND, Penn State University

Album: The Book in Process  

(w/ Tessa Lamb)

New media work (CD-ROM)

Exhibited at Artspeak Gallery, Vancouver BC, 2001

Published as e-book: SIFTED: The Read Room  (Artspeak Gallery, 2001)