Kent Lewis

Kent Lewis

BA (Hons.) (Queen's), MA (UBC), PhD (UVic)

Instructor - English

Kent Lewis has a BA from Queen’s University, an MA from UBC and a PhD from the University of Victoria. He has published scholarly work on a variety of writers, including James Joyce (his all time favorite), Gertrude Stein and Steve McCaffery. In 2006, he published a critical thinking reader called Word and World that focuses on the political uses and abuses of language, with an emphasis on defending oneself from propaganda, advertising, government, the media and other dispensers of malignant rhetoric. His current interest includes not only literature and literary theory, but pretty much anything that sparks his imagination: social justice, consciousness expansion, conspiracy narratives, bendy straws, Forteana, First Nations, ritualistic magic, lemurs, Robert Anton Wilson, comic books, haiku, meditation, travel, science fiction and Lou Reed lyrics.


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Word and World (2006)