Jenny Penberthy

BA (Univ. of Natal, South Africa), MA, PhD (UBC)

Instructor - English

Book publications:

Jenny’s research and publications have focused on the poetry of Lorine Niedecker. She has edited Niedecker’s poems – New Goose (Listening Chamber 2003), Lorine Niedecker: Collected Works (University of California Press 2002), and Harpsichord and Salt Fish (Pig Press 1991) – and her letters – Niedecker and the Correspondence with Zukofsky 1931-1970 (Cambridge University Press 1993). She has also edited a collection of essays, Lorine Niedecker: Woman and Poet (National Poetry Foundation, University of Maine 1996).

Academic interests:

Poetry and poetics, textual scholarship, print culture, modernism, post-war literary history, post-colonial literature of Africa.

Current research:

Two projects are on the go: she is researching the small press movement in the UK during the 1960s and 1970s with particular attention to Fulcrum Press, and she is also working on a Lorine Niedecker hypermedia project.

Courses taught:

Jenny enjoys teaching the introductory poetry course (Eng 105). She has also taught courses on literature in translation (Eng 103), non-western influences on modernist writing (Eng 213), Japanese literature (Eng 213), American poets such as Dickinson, Whitman, Stein, Moore, H.D., and others (Eng 205), and on contemporary Canadian poets (Eng 209).

Jenny is the current editor of The Capilano Review and the founding editor of CUE Books.