Alumna develops new template for on-call EAs

December 3, 2015

Alumna develops new template for on-call EAs

Exploring the hallways, taking pictures on your iPad, and wandering the playground isn’t your typical classroom environment, but Kathy Purves is taking a different approach with her work as an Educational Assistant.

Being outdoors and exploring the world means that no one day is the same for Kathy and her student—a non-verbal second grader with autism and special needs at Squamish Elementary School who is not often in a classroom. So, making adjustments to his idea of a regular classroom environment is crucial for this graduate of Capilano U’s Educational Assistant (EA) program.

“We do a lot of movement breaks and going for walks, so there’s a lot of life and safety skills being taught to him right now,” Kathy says. “We walk around with our iPad and take pictures of various places and people so he can get to know the people at the school.” More...

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