Early Childhood Care & Education - Infant & Toddler Certificate Program Requirements

  • This program does not accept applications. However, Early Childhood Care and Education students in the diploma or degree programs can work towards earning this credential. C- is the minimum acceptable grade in all courses within the certificate. Students must also meet the university graduation requirements.

    Required Courses   Course Credits Required Credits
    Credits 17.00
    Total Program Credits 17.00
    Required: 12.00
    EDUC 348 Program Planning, Physical Care and Safety for Infants and Toddlers 3.00  
    EDUC 350 Advanced Child Development 3.00  
    EDUC 352 Centre Operations 3.00  
    EDUC 371 Family, School and Community 3.00  
    Choose 5.00 credits from the following list: 5.00
    EDUC 349 Applied Theory Infant/Toddler Practicum 5.00  
    EDUC 356 Applied Theory Infant and Toddler Practicum A 2.50  
    EDUC 357 Applied Theory Infant and Toddler Practicum B 2.50  

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