Bachelor of Early Childhood Care & Education

  • Practicum Documents Submission Deadline for Spring 2018: 4pm on Friday, Oct. 27th in CE375.  

    Self-reporting grades for BC high school students currently in grade 12 January 16 - March 31, 2018
    Application submission deadline March 31, 2018 
    Document submission deadline May 31, 2018 
    Letters of offer to ECCE program sent via email  June 1 - 15, 2018

    paints on tableThe Bachelor of Early Childhood Care and Education offers students a range of academic and education courses that support students in thinking deeply with theory and practice in the early years. The program explores current and global issues in the early years; examines pedagogical practices and engages with current research and theory. Three core threads, Curriculum, Childhoods and Leadership and Advocacy, represent the focus of the education courses offered in the degree. Each of these threads is woven throughout the degree inviting students to engage in critical-reflective practice, working to create classrooms of social justice and equity for children and families. 

    As a faculty we are inspired in our own teaching by Carlina Rinaldi who calls for a ‘powerful educator ’ who is able to work with powerful children. ‘This ‘powerful’ educator, Rinaldi (2006) explains, is "open to the unexpected, one who engages in learning with the child as a researcher in order to be open to possibilities in the project of education”. (p. 125)   

    Education courses in the first two years meet the requirements of the Early Childhood Educators Registry, Ministry for Children and Family Development for the ECE License to Practice; Infant/Toddler License to Practice and/or the Special Needs License to Practice. 

    The ECCE degree is a pathway to elementary teacher education programs at SFU and UBC.  

    Students can be enrolled as either a full-time or part-time student. Classes are offered as face to face; mixed mode, on-line and summer intensives. Students may enter the degree as first year students or transfer in at the second or third year from other post-secondary institutions.