David Fung

    • "To the Graduands of 2017"

      Capilano University
      Convocation 2017

      Good morning, everyone. It is my pleasure to greet all those assembled for this ceremony – it is extraordinary moment to look out upon this gathering to see all of you who are here to be honoured for your success, surrounded by such a community of support and goodwill.

      It is also my privilege to acknowledge that the Capilano University graduands of 2017 set forth from this day in the 150th anniversary year of Canada's confederation. Such a commemoration inspires us to reflect upon who we are as a nation today, and where we come from. This is a time of reflection and reconciliation with our past and appreciation of what the future holds. It is, in short, an incredible time to be advancing into the world with the strength of a credential, and the readiness to explore the possibilities it presents to you, always mindful of the greater good.

      As well, today you join a global association of more than 70,000 alumni! You share a common bond, your experience at Capilano University is your connection to one another. May this be one of many proud associations you make in your lifetime. As your alma mater, Capilano University is part of your story as you are part of ours. Next year, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Capilano University. I hope you will come back for the party! But no matter where you are a year from now, I encourage you to stay connected and involved as alumni.

      What we all wish for, and work for, at this university, is student success. A university is a community of learning. Graduands, to strive for, and to realize your goals is evidence of your individual commitment and abilities. For this, I congratulate you on behalf of everyone at Capilano University. But your achievement has also been supported in ways large and small, by those you see around you. All those present, in mind, body or spirit, who have contributed to your success are worthy of your applause. For this reason, I ask you now, graduands, to kindly rise, turn and face the audience.

      Thank you.

      Graduands, you may be seated.

      It is now my great honour to confer the credentials earned by our graduands.