Counselling Faculty & Support Staff

    • Counselling Faculty

      Maggie FEIST, M.Ed. (UBC) 

      Keith LAM (Dept Coordinator), PH.D.  (University of Minnesota) 

      Karen PEARDON, B.A. (University of Regina), M.Ed. (UBC)

      Jeff ROSS, B.A. (UBC), M.A. (Adler)

      Jules E. SMITH, B.A. (Concordia), B.Ed (UBC), M.A. (Adler)  - Sunshine Coast Campus

      Sukhi SOHI, M.A. (UBC)

      Suzanne WALLSTER, M.Ed. (Montana)  

      Support Staff

      Gina JENKINS, Divisional Assistant, B.H.E.

      Michele,ENG Receptionist, B.A.