Professional Communications Certificate


          Many employers put communication at the top of their list of desired employee skills. Entrepreneurs and managers know they too must communicate well if they're going to succeed in business.

          In most professions, you can expect to spend at least twenty per cent of your time communicating through correspondence, memos, reports, proposals, and other documents. Add phone calls, e-mail, meetings, and spoken presentations, and you're communicating at least half of every working day.

          If you want to develop your writing and speaking skills, consider Capilano University's Professional Communications Certificate program. This part-time program emphasizes applied skills for general business as well as communications industries such as publishing, information design, technical writing, and the applied arts. Most classes run in the evenings. If you commit three nights a week in the fall, and two in the spring, you can complete the program in eight months.

          This 15-credit certificate program teaches generalist communications skills for work in business, communications industries, or the applied arts.

          After completing the program, you will have the skills you need to plan and write correspondence, business and technical reports, proposals, promotional materials, Web content, speeches, presentations, and visual media materials.