Zhu, Allen
Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up. Chinese proverb

Allen Zhu

CPA/CGA, (Canada); M. Sc. (The University of British Columbia); B. Comm. (Beijing Capital University of Economics and Business)

Professor of Finance and Accounting - School of Business

Allen is a dedicated professor of Finance and Accounting in the Capilano School of Business.
His academic background and professional designation, coupled with his diversified work
experience and international accomplishments over 20 years provide him with a wealth of
experience and knowledge to share with students. Allen teaches a variety of courses including
Finance, Quantitative Analysis, International Finance, Accounting, and Management. Allen
enjoys helping students inside and outside the classroom and has gained the respect of his
students and colleagues.

Allen's major areas of interest include micro-finance, financial and investment management,
financial engineering, international investment and financial management, risk analysis and
strategic planning. He has been involved in a few research projects as well as academic and
teaching publications.

With his bilingual capacity, Allen also teaches and accomplishes research with his colleagues in
other academic institutions and professional organizations in both Canada and other countries.
He is Managing Director of Cynalis Financial Consulting International.

Allen actively volunteers in local communities and is frequently interviewed by local media
including CBC, Global TV, Omni TV and Fairchild TV as well as Canadian radio programs to
help people understand the issues regarding international events, financial management,
investment, government policies and international business.













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